Sunday, August 16, 2015

3 Reservation Worthy Spots in Boston

Recently OpenTable reached out to us and asked us to write a post about their restaurant reservation service. We use OpenTable all the time and thought, why not? Boston is a buzzling city and oftentimes reservations are necessary in order to avoid long wait times, which is always a goal for us!  

 Here are our top 3 reservation worthy spots in Boston: 

Anthem Kitchen and Bar 

Located on a corner of Boston's Faneuil Hall Anthem Kitchen and Bar serves, what we consider to be, the best clam chowder in Boston. Since our last review of Anthem a few years ago, we have been back countless times just for a cup of their award-winning clam chowder! We never plan our visits to Anthem, they kinda just happen. Therefore, we always take advantage of OpenTable's mobile app to make our on-the-whim, last minute reservations!  

To read our past review of Anthem visit Their menu has changed since then but the taste and quality of the food is still superb! 

Fogo De Chão

Are you a meat eater? If the answer is yes, then you will love Fogo De Chão! We have not visited their Boston, Copley Square location since our last review. However, Boston's 2015 Restaurant Week is coming up and we will be visiting this meat lovers paradise again! Our reservation was already made through OpenTable! We can't wait! 

To read our past review of Fogo De Chão visit

Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang is one our favorite spots in Boston's South End. Like many other restaurants in the Boston area Myers + Chang's has a smaller dinning room, therefore reservations are a must! Their open kitchen is always a treat to watch as you eat and their food never disappoints!

To read our past review of Myers + Chang visit It's been a few years since we wrote our last review of Myers + Chang but we have been there multiple times since then and the food is still just as awesome!

Boston is a great food city! Some make a reservation and enjoy! 

*Boston Food and Love was in no way compensated by OpenTable to write this post.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Clam Box

We are new to the Quincy area and are loving the Wollaston Beach area, especially its seafood restaurants. What's better than eating a piece of fresh, fried fish sitting on an outside patio by the ocean with a view of the Boston skyline? Nothing, if you ask us, and the Clam Box delivers just that! 

Dinner at the Clam Box
The Clam Box has been a Wollaston Beach institution since 1968...their 47 years of experience comes through in their dishes! Their breading is light and crispy. Most important of all, their food is not greasy. We ordered two of their seafood platters, Fried Fish and Fried Bay Scallops, and a small order of their Clam Strips. Everything was cooked perfectly and delicious! A piece of fried seafood, topped with a smear of tarter sauce, and a bit of their coleslaw is the perfect summer bite! 

Fried Clam Strips 
Fried Bay Scallops Platter
Fried Fish Platter 
The portions at the Clam Box are perfect for sharing. This was definitely way to much food for the two of us! Their prices are also unavailable...we only paid $40 for all that seafood and two sodas. This is a great spot for someone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without going to far! 

For more information on the Clam Box visit

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bon Me (Cambridge)

We have been huge fans of the Bon Me food trucks since we discovered them a few years ago at SoWa Open Market in the South End of Boston. They recently started opening brick-and-mortar locations around the Boston area and we could not be more thrilled! We are frequent visitors of their Cambridge location in Kendall Square and finally decided it was time we wrote about it! In all honesty, prior to consciously deciding to write about Bon Me we ate the food way to fast and forgot about photos! Yes, their food is that good! 

Without fail when we eat at Bon Me we will order two of their Sandwiches served on a toasted baguette stuffed with pickled vegetables and a delicious housemade spicy mayo. We are obsessed with their Chinese BBQ Pork which is sweet and savory and goes amazing with the pickled vegetables. Bon Me's sandwiches are very filling and ultra delicious! Some of the other proteins you can choose from are chicken, pulled pork, and tofu. 

Chinese BBQ Pork Sandwich 
Spice Rubbed Chicken Sandwich 

This time around we were starving and decided to order a third dish, one we had never ordered before. Bon Me's Rice Bowl with white rice, Chinese BBQ Pork, pickled carrots and daikon, mesclun mix, cilantro, shallots, scallions, and a soy drizzle. Just like their Sandwiches, Bon Me's Rice Bowl was well made and delicious! Once again, they served a generous portion. This rice dish was light and packed with fresh flavors from all the vegetables. No fancy platting at Bon Me, just delicious food! 

Chinese BBQ Pork Rice Bowl 
Bon Me is opening a brick-and-mortar location in Chestnut Hill Square soon and we can't wait. We will probably be frequent visitors given that it is located next to our preferred grocery store, Wegmans. Bon Me is perfect for everyone looking for mouthwatering food, at more than reasonable prices! We will most definitely be back! 

For more information on Bon Me visit
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Fat Cat

Ever since moving to Quincy we have been hearing about the Fat Cat. Both long time Quincy residents and newcomers have bragged to us about this local spot. Our first two times attempting to eat at this local hangout spot we couldn't get in the door! 

You know what they say, "third times the charm!" On our third time we came early for Saturday lunch. There were only a few tables available, the place was already hopping at noon. Prior to Quincy, we lived in Mission Hill, which has an abundance of great local restaurants. Needless to say, we had high hopes and even higher expectations of the Fat Cat! 

Our waiter brought our drinks right away and overall was very attentive. We ordered two appetizers...a bit much for lunch we know, but in our defense we skipped breakfast and were starving! First up where the Fat Cat's Crab Cakes, three blue crab cakes served with a cajun remoulade. This crab cakes were a bit disappointing, we tasted more filler than crab. However, the cajun remoulade was delicious and added a nice spiciness to the dish.

Crab Cakes
Up next were the Fat Cat's Haystacks, thinly sliced fried onions served with a chipotle dipping sauce. We cannot resist onion strings...if they are on the menu odds are we will order them! The Fat Cat's Haystacks is a straightforward interpretation of this classic favorite. The onions delivered great crunchiness and tasted great when dipped in the chipotle sauce! They needed a little bit of salt for our taste but apart from that...delicious! 


Our first entree was the Philly sandwich, with steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheddar, and mozzarella. This is a big, messy sandwich for those with a big appetite! Overall, it lacked seasoning...salt please! The cheeses were melted perfectly but the bun had a hard time holding together all the gooey components. 

Last but no least, we ordered the Fat Cat Burger, a 10oz seasoned patty. The char flavor on this well-sized sized burger was great! However, the cook was very uneven. We ordered it medium, there were parts that were well done, others that were a perfect medium, and others that were raw. Yet, the char flavor was so great, we would give this burger another chance! 

Fat Cat Burger 
The Fat Cat delivered a solid lunch. We are definitely eager to give it a try during their dinner service. The space at the Fat Cat is small, therefore we would not recommend it for large groups. They do not take reservations, so get there early! 

For more information on the Fat Cat visit

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Banh Mi Ba-Le

We love visiting off the beaten path, easy to miss, local places. Banh Mi Ba-Le inside of Quincy's Kam Man Supermarket is one of those places. Banh Mi Ba-Le serves the traditional banh mi sandwich packed full of fresh vegetables, a spicy mayonnaise based sauce, and protein. We went with the classics, beef and pork. Both sandwiches were delicious! Fresh, meaty, and packed full of flavor! 

To be honest, we do not speak Vietnamese and the cook was hard to understand, therefore we just nodded our heads and answered yes to all of her questions. The lady knows what she is doing! We are not quite sure what she added to our sandwhich but it was delicious! Not to mention, we both had lunch for $10! Awesome food, a knowledgeable staff, and ridiculously cheap can't beat that! 

Counter (there are no tables or chairs) 

Beef Banh Mi 
Pork Banh Mi 

This is a great place to score a cheap lunch. However, if you have an allergy to raw eggs we suggest you skip their sandwich sauce. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Grumpy Whites

We are back! We needed to take a short break from blogging due to personal reasons, a.k.a. moving! We have been exploring our new food scene and decided to start our reviews off with a local favorite...Grumpy Whites! Now, we must admit the name of this establishment, although funny, did not immediately draw us in. However, we have heard from more than one local that this is the place to go for good, old-fashioned, American comfort food. 

Grumpy Whites is an honest, local joint offering stick to your ribs food at great prices. Lottery machines greet you when you walk in, no fancy anything here! Our waitress was very friendly and great at recommending items on the menu. The menu itself is covered with a plethora of local business adds following the classic dinner style.  

To start we ordered the classic Mozzarella Sticks. True to their style, Grumpy Whites serves a no frills, straightforward plate of Mozzarella Sticks. The kind that bring back nostalgic childhood memories. The mozzarella sticks were perfectly crispy and gooey! 

Mozzarella Sticks

Among all of the classic dishes on Grumpy White's menu the BIG BLT (yes, it is in all caps on their menu!) stood out..mainly because of the promise that it is big! This sandwich did not disappoint. The bread was soft, the lettuce and tomato were fresh, and the bacon was deliciously crispy! We wish this sandwich had more bacon but overall a good BLT. 


Lastly, we took our waitress suggestion and ordered Grumpy White's Hot 'N' Juicy. This burger delivered on its hot and juicy promise! It was a good burger, at a great complaints from us! 

Hot 'N' Juicy 

Grumpy Whites is a great neighborhood place serving good food at budget friendly prices. 
We will be back! 

For more information on Grumpy White's visit

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar

For our one year married anniversary we decided stay close to home and give the Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar a try. We have walked by this restaurant dozens of times and every time we tell ourselves we have to get a group of ten together to try their pig roast. This time around it was just us two but we have made it our goal to someday try their family style pig roast! 

We sat at their packed, u-shaped bar while waiting for a table and were served in five minutes. Our table was ready in about fifteen minutes, twenty minutes sooner than expected! The drinks at the Citizen Public House were right on point. Our favorite was the Fedora Branca made with Brugal Rum, Branca Menta, Meletti Chocolate, and cream. We have had Brugal rum in the Dominican Republic and this is the first time we have seen it in the states. This drink is the perfect dessert! It is sweet and tastes just like an Andes Mint. Delicious! 

Fedora Branca 
To start we decided to order a few snacks. First, came the Spicy Fried Pickles with a Buttermilk Sauce. As far as fried pickles go these were rather good! They were not greasy and had a nice crunch. We detected what we think was a strong paprika flavor which paired well with the creamy buttermilk sauce. 

Spicy Fried Pickles with a Buttermilk Sauce 

Next, we had their Crack Fried with a Beef Demi and Blue Cheese Sauce on the side. These fries were perfectly cooked, the beef demi was creamy and full of beef flavor. The portion was very generous for a snack and the flavors were explosive!

Crack Fries 

Following was the best dish of the night! The Skillet Smoked Mussels served with clarified butter and lime. These mussels were a revelation! They were perfectly smoked which gave them a very meaty flavor. This is a must have dish when dinning at the Citizen Public House. 

Skillet Smoked Mussels 

We are pork lovers and when we saw the Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly on the menu we had to order it. Served with honey crisp apple sauce this dish was a modern twist on the classic pork chop and apple sauce combination. The pork belly was melt in you mouth good! However, when eaten with the rest of the components on the dish, the flavors fell a little flat. It was not bad but it was not wow either.

Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly 

Last but not least, we ordered the Citizen Public House's Crispy Duck Cassoulet with smoked sausage, white beans, bacon, and cranberries. This dish could have benefited if the smoked sausage was diced and cooked with the white beans and bacon; it overpowered the duck when eaten together. The flavor of the duck confit was absolutely amazing! However, we were expecting crispy and we got none. The skin of the duck, although perfectly browned, was soggy, which was a little disappointing. Overall this was flavorful dish and with a little tweaking it has the potential of to be stunning. 

Crispy Duck Cassoulet 

We had a great time dining at the Citizen Public House! This is the perfect restaurant for groups of friends looking for a good time! They only take reservations for parties of six or more and offer validated parking at $4 for under three hours at the 1330 Boylston parking garage. The service was great, the food was tasty, and the drinks were powerful...what more can you ask for? 

For more information on the Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar visit

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