Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boston Children's Museum

     A few days ago we decided to visit the Boston Children's Museum. Aida had to do a project on a few of the exhibits and we thought it would be a fun experience. We were wrong.

     Upon arriving at the front desk the clerk awkwardly asked us if we had a child with us, when we said no he asked for our ID's to keep behind the desk for the duration of our visit. Then he gave us two "visitor necklaces" to hang around our necks, only people without children have to wear these. Wearing these around a museum full of screaming children and watchful parents definitely made us feel out of place. It seemed like every time we passed a parent or a museum employee we would get the same penetrating, cautious, "what are you doing hanging around a bunch of little kids?" look. 

     To make matters worse, Aida's assignment included taking a lot of pictures of the museum. She got a bunch of really good shots because every time she lifted up her camera to snap a picture the area would all of a sudden become child free. 
     We had planned to spend a few hours exploring the museum but instead decided to go straight to the exhibits we were there to see and get out. Overall, this museum felt more like a big, indoors playground than anything else. We would definitely recommend bringing a child with you when you come. The gift shop was the best part for us, it is full of interesting children's books, toys, parenting books, and family activities. 

    On the upside, every Friday from 5-9pm is Target Friday and the museum entrance is only $1. It was an awkward experience for us but at least it was cheap. 

For more information on the Boston Children's Museum visit

Entrance to the Boston Children's Museum

A massive slide that expands up the three floors of the museum.



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