Monday, April 16, 2012

Emack and Bolio's (Waterfront)

     Normally, we don't go out during the week but today was a special day. It was Marathon Monday here in Boston and the city was buzzing with tourists; last year we avoided the streets at all costs. However, today was 87 degrees Fahrenheit! That is the warmest day Boston has seen all year and we could not resist the opportunity to wear shorts and go for a walk.

     We decided to head over to one of our favorite ice cream shops in Boston, the Emack and Bolio's store  down by the waterfront. This place is known for their specialty ice cream cones. These homemade waffle cones come covered in marshmallow mixed with cereals such as Fruity Pebbles. These cones are huge, especially with two giant scoops of ice cream inside.

      James ordered a Fruity Pebbles specialty cone with two scoops of ice cream, Cake Batter and Deep Purple Cow. The Cake Batter ice cream has actual chunks of cake inside; it is like eating straight from a bowl of cake batter. The Deep Purple Cow is mixture of raspberries, blueberries, and chocolate chips; every bite is packed full of flavor and the chocolate chips add a nice crunch. The best part is the the cone itself, the generous covering of marshmallow and Fruity Pebbles is sure to give you a sugar high.

      Aida ordered a scoop of Emack and Bolio's Milky-Way Low Fat ice cream. The scoops Emack and Bolio's are about half a size larger than the normal ice cream scoop. You can't tell this ice cream is low fat; it has large chunks of chocolate and nuts, plus swirls of caramel. This ice cream scoop is pure deliciousness without all the fat!

     Emack and Bolio's is a must do when visiting Boston; its cash only so make sure to stop by the ATM before ordering. Grab one of their delicious ice creams and enjoy the view of the harbor. Emack and Bolio's is the perfect way to end a hot summer afternoon down by Boston's waterfront.

You can find the Emack and Bolio's waterfront location at 255 State St. Boston, MA 02109 (right across from the New England Aquarium).

Emack & Bolio's Waterfront Store Front

Ice Cream Menu

Specialty Cones

Fruity Pebbles Specialty Cone with Cake Batter and Deep Purple Cow Ice Creams

Scoop of Milky-Way Low Fat Ice Cream 

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