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        It was the end of the semester for Aida and so we went out to celebrate at Lolita, an edgy Mexican restaurant and tequila bar in the heart of the Back Bay; it's just steps away from the Copley "T" stop. The amount of complementary food Lolita gives its costumers is unheard of now a days.

        To start of the meal the waitress brought us a bowl of granita, a semi-fozen palate clesnser made from sugar, shaved ice, and water. The waitress then offered to spike the granita with a generous, complementary shot of their house tequila. The dish is sitting on a bed of dry ice with a little water on it, which causes it to smoke. There is only one word to describe this dish...impressive.

       Second, the waitress served us a complimentary bowl of tortilla chips with four of Lolita's homemade dips. The chips are lightly salted and have a homemade feel. Don't worry if you finish the bowl, Lolita will refill it on the house. The dips are salsa verde, spicy queso, and a traditional salsa. The forth is a mango salsa served in a bottle separate from everything else. The salsa verde and the traditional salsa are very fresh and mild. The queso on the other hand, will have your mouth on fire after your fourth bite or so. The mango salsa is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, the spiciness is cut by the sweetness of the mango.

      To drink we ordered Lolita's Prickly Pear Aqua Fresca. This nonalcoholic drink is made from prickly pear, pineapple, fresh lime, and mint. This is flavorful, fun drink for those of us who don't want to order alcohol but want something more than water or soda.

      The first dish we ordered, and actually payed for, was Lolita's Tortilla Soup. This delicious soup is made from a rich chicken broth, pulled chicken, crispy tortillas, avocado, pico de gallo, green chilies, and queso blanco. The broth is poured steaming hot when the soup gets to the table. We've had this soup twice at Lolita and it gets better every time. It's spicy, crispy, fresh, and hearty all at the same time. Definitely a must have when visiting Lolita!

      The second best thing on Lolita's menu, according to us, is their Iron Pan Corn Bread with roasted garlic sauce. The homemade corn bread is served warm, with what looks like a moat of roasted garlic sauce surrounding it. This dish is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

      For the main course we ordered Lolita's Ancho Chile Chicken Quesadilla with black beans, fire roasted corn, and smoked bacon. Lolita dropped the ball on this one. The quesadilla could have used a little more filling, plus it was very greasy. It's not the worst quesadilla ever but it was far from memorable.

      The best part of the Lolita experience is the complimentary, giant ball of cotton candy toped with pop rocks that the waitress brings along with the check. It is addictive, take one bite and you will be hooked.

      Based on our experiences at Lolita (we have been there twice), it is best to stick to the appetizers, soups, and sides. Overall, this is a great place for couples or groups of friends who want to enjoy a night out at a cool, edgy, basement restaurant/bar.

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Complimentary Granita with Shot of House Tequila 

Complimentary Tortilla Chips with Four Dips 

Prickly Pear Aqua Fresca 

Tortilla Soup 

Iron Pan Corn Bread 

Ancho Chile Chicken Quesadillas

Complimentary Cotton Candy Topped with Pop Rocks 

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