Sunday, April 22, 2012

Myers + Chang

     We have heard amazing things about Myers + Chang; it is the most reviewed restaurant in Urbanspoon. In all the reviews this restaurant sounded to good to be true, so we wanted to see for ourselves what the hype was all about and made a reservation for Saturday at 6:45pm. All throughout the week we received e-mails and phone calls from the restaurant making sure we were planning on keeping our reservation. We found the constant checking-in a bit odd but once we arrived at Myers + Chang we understood why. The restaurant was packed! It is a small, oddly shaped space full of two and four people tables. We strongly recommend making a reservation days ahead of time if dinning at Myers + Chang.

     Upon arriving our waiter informed us that all of the items on their menu were meant to be shared. Their dim sum (plates consisting of small portions) menu is extensive and very reasonably priced; most plates come with two servings. We ordered two dim sum plates, Myers + Chang's Fresh Rolls and Braised Pork Belly Buns.

     The Fresh Rolls with fresh mint, carrots, lettuce, tofu, and spicy peanut sauce were fresh as fresh can be. To be honest, we could not find anything wrong with these. The spicy peanut sauce gave the dish a slight spiciness. We could tell that all the ingredients were fresh due to their crispiness and chrunchiness. If we were to nitpick, the only thing we would change about this dish would be the mint, it could have been better distributed throughout each roll. Apart from that, the Fresh Rolls are a must try when eating at Myers + Chang!

     The Braised Pork Belly Buns with brandy hoisin sauce and Myers + Chang's house pickle were fantastic. The piece of perfectly cooked pork belly served on a steamed bun, called a bao, hit all the right notes. These are light and fluffy; the bread acts like a sponge, absorbing all the juices and barbecue sauce from the pork belly. The lettuce was nice and crispy and what looked like pickled jalapeƱos added a nice kick.

     Next came the Thai Ginger Chicken Salad with lemongrass, rice vermicelli, and butter lettuce. This salad has an amazing, flavorful, mildly spicy broth mixed into it. The chicken was well seasoned, chopped into small pieces, which makes it perfect for salad meant to be eaten with chopsticks. As Julia Child used to say, "just a little bite." Just a little bite of this salad makes you want to dive in for a seconds.

     As a main course we ordered the Triple Pork Mushu Stirfry. This dish is packed full of pork loin, bacon, chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, chives, and bok choy (chinese cabbage). It's served with a side of, what tasted like, hoisin sauce, steamed buns, and tortillas. Order this and eat the pork mixture by itself or inside the buns or tortillas, however you decide to eat it, this dish will leave you wanting more. It is a pork lovers paradise!

     For dessert we ordered Myers + Chang special that night, which they posted on their Twitter. It was a Strawberry, Blueberry, Champagne Mango Pavlova, which is a baked meringue. The fresh fruit was perfectly ripe and the homemade, fresh wiped cream was light and airy. The pavlova was crispy on the outside yet airy and fluffy on the inside. Myers + Chang should make this delicious dessert a part of their every day menu.

    Lastly, James ordered the Dark Oolong fresh loose leaf tea. It was the perfect chinese tea, with a slight hint of cocoa.

    Myers + Chang is one of Boston's hot spots and a must go for anyone looking to eat at a reasonably priced restaurant with quick service and a cool yet edgy vive. We would recommend it to couples or groups with no more than four people for every dish is meant to be shared. The food comes out as soon as it is ready and there is no set order as to which dish comes first; the dim sum can come before the main course and vise versa. If you are ever near Chinatown, walk down to 1145 Washington Street and give Myers + Chang a try!

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Fresh Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce 

Thai Ginger Chicken Salad

Triple Pork Mushu Stirfry

Braised Pork Belly Buns 

Steamed Bao 

Strawberry, Blueberry, Champagne Mango Pavlova

Dark Oolong 

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