Monday, April 16, 2012

Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall

      After stopping by Emack and Bolio's ice cream shop down but the waterfront. We decided to take a stroll through Faneuil Hall. On the weekends Faneuil Hall is packed with both locals and tourists who are there to shop, watch the street performers, and eat a good meal. Going on a Monday afternoon was a refreshing experience because we were able to enjoy Faneuil Hall without having to fight our way through the crowds.

      Right in the center of Faneuil Hall is Quincy Market, a giant food court where you can find cuisines from all over the world. Craving clam chowder, corn dogs, sausages, pasta, tacos, curry, stir fry, sushi, bagels, pizza, home made sweets, ice cream? Quincy Market has it all. It is the ideal place to come with a family who can't decided where to go for dinner; there is something at Quincy Market to satisfy even the most selective eaters.

      The only down fall of eating at Quincy Market is seating, which is very limited. Most of the time is standing room only and finding a table big enough to fit two people, much less a whole family, can be extremely difficult (you basically have to stalk people until they leave). Apart from the food court stalls, the outside of Quincy Market is lined with restaurants and bars for those who want to enjoy a sit-down meal.

      We opted for a few of the food stalls. James ordered a Chicken Philly Cheese Steak from Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie. This made to order foot long hoagie was a steal for only $9. It was packed with well seasoned, grilled chicken, green peppers, American cheese, onions, and mushrooms. Aida went with the Avocado Maki Roll and Idaho Roll (sweet potato roll) from Ueno Sushi. 16 pieces of made in front of you sushi for $10, it does not get better than that. The sushi at Ueno Sushi is excellent and their spicy mayonnaise adds a nice kick to every bite.

      For those looking to get a taste of what Boston is all about, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market are a great place to start!

For more information on Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market visit

View Inside Quincy Market (its usually never this empty)

Ueno Sushi 

Avocado Maki Roll and Idaho Roll 

Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie 

Chicken Philly Cheese Steak 

Ueno Sushi on Urbanspoon Philadelphia Steak & Hoagie on Urbanspoon


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