Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viva Burrito

      Viva Burrito in the West End is, in our opinion, one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. It's decorated with an ovious Mexican flare, with mosaic tables and murals on the walls. At Viva Burrito the burritos are super sized and the free, unlimited salsa bar is always fresh. We love their gigantic salads, especially their Fiesta and La Noche salads.

     The Fiesta salad is a combination of shrimp sautéed in their house sauce over mesclun mix, red onions, mandarin oranges, corn, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Aida orders this salad with iceberg lettuce instead of the mesclun mix and Viva Burrito has no problem making the substitution. This salad, topped with their house salsa, is amazing. The generous serving of shrimp is a steal for $7.50 and the toasted pumping seeds add a nice crunch. This salad is great for the health conscious eater who still wants a filling, flavorful meal.

     Viva Burrito's salad La Noche is a mix of marinated grilled steak over mesclun mix, red onions, avocado, and fresh mozzarella cheese. The steak is juicy, abundant, and very reasonably priced at $7.95. Our only complaint would be that it is cut into long strips, if it were cut into smaller pieces the salad would be easier to eat on the go. The avocado is always fresh and perfectly ripe. The mozzarella is melted on top of the steak before it's served and so this salad straddles the line between hot and cold. The La Noche salad is for the health conscious guy who still wants to eat a hearty serving of steak. It's the perfect "manly" salad.

     Overall Viva Burrito is a great place to enjoy a delicious, relativetaly fast, healthy dinner after work or before catching a game at the TD Bank Garden. If you are in a hurry we suggest placing your order online thirty minutes before picking it up.

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