Monday, May 7, 2012

21st Amendment

     The 21st Amendment has one of the best burgers in Boston...period. Located in Beacon Hill this hidden gem is one of our favorite spots in town. Walking into the 21st Amendment is like taking a time capsule back time. Everything in this restaurant/bar reminds us of pictures from the 19th century, from the dark wooden furniture to the old-fashioned fireplace. We went in at around 9:00pm last Friday night with James' sister and her boyfriend and were seated in no more than twenty minutes. The waiter was very attentive and the food was spectacular.

     As an appetizer we ordered the Steak and Cheese Spring Rolls served with a spicy homemade ketchup, chipotle aioli, and a stack of crispy onion rings. These meaty spring rolls were delicious, especially when dipped in the chipotle aioli. The outside was light and crispy while the meat inside was flavorful and not overwhelmed by the cheese. Our only complaint would be that the meat was cut into large pieces which made the steak and cheese spring rolls a little hard to eat. Lately we have not had luck with onion rings but these were deliciously crispy and not overly greasy. As a whole this was a great start to a wonderful meal!

     Next, Aida ordered the Grilled Caprese Chicken Specialty Sandwich with vine ripe tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, and a side of sweet potato fries. This sandwich was great, the bread was nicely toasted and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients, especially the tomato. Although the sandwich was delicious, the sweet potato fries stole the show. These are by far the best sweet potato fries we've had. There are no words to describe them....take a trip on the "T" to Park Street and walk to the 21st us, these fries are worth the hike.

    Last but not least, James ordered the 21st Amendment's Hangover Burger with bacon aioli, cheese, and a runny egg. The Hangover Burger is usually the Saturday special however, after begging, the kitchen granted James' special request and made it on a Friday. The Hangover Burger is a messy, out of this world delicious burger that every burger lover out there should try. The egg runs down your fingers making eating this burger a succulent experience; add a side of sweet potato fries and you've got yourself an awesome plate of food. When asked to describe the Hangover Burger James had only one thing to say.....amazing!

    The 21st Amendment is owned by the same group that owns The Paramount, also located in Beacon Hill, a restaurant we visited in April and absolutely loved just as much as we did the 21st Amendment. Overall we would recommend this restaurant to groups of friends looking to have a good time and eat absolutely amazing bar food. The space can get a little tight but the food at the 21st Amendment is definitely worth it.

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Steak and Cheese Spring Rolls 

Hangover Burger 

Grilled Caprese Chicken Specialty Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries 

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