Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Harp

     It's Thursday night and we are in the middle of moving James out of his current apartment. We are only human and so we took a much needed mental break. We decided to head over to The Harp, a bar/restaurant located across the street from the TD Bank Garden. We came in at 9:30pm and the place was empty, except for a few loners at the bar, we were the only ones there.

     First we ordered a cocktail, mainly because it was named after the Boston Bruins. The Harp's Bruins Basher is a mix of Jack Daniels, amaretto, and orange juice. The dominant flavor in this drink is definitely the Jack Daniels; the amaretto is barely noticeable. Something's for sure, The Harp does not serve watered down drinks. We don't know much about alcoholic drinks, but $8.00 seemed reasonable for a Bruins Basher.

     We ordered a few of the appetizers from the menu and a bowl of soup. We expected the soup to come out first and the rest later, instead, everything, including the soup, came out at the same time. The tables are an average size and, with all the plates on them, they can became crowded leaving barely enough room to eat.

      The first appetizer we tried was the Kobe Sliders, three mini burgers served with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a side of fries. They were juicy and had a good flavor. These mini burgers were not amazing but they were not bad either; good for being bar food.
      We were not expecting fries to be served with the Kobe Sliders and therefore ordered a side of Onion Rings. These should be called "breaded onions" instead of onion rings. There was way to much breading and grease on them. We only ate one onion ring between the two of us, the rest were left on the table...that says it all.

      Next came the Calamari with pepperoncini and mango salsa. The calamari were cut into thick rings and served with a side of a spicy house sauce. Again, this dish was not amazing but it was not bad. The mango salsa added a nice lightness to an otherwise heavy dish. The only thing we would say about the calamari would be that it could have been crispier. Usually we don't leave any calamari on the plate but this time, there were a multiple pieces left over.

      Along with that came The Harp's Bag of Chips, which are homemade warm chips with a spicy dipping sauce. These chips were crispy but not warm. There is not much to say about these except that for  $6.00 you get a large portion of chips with a small side of dipping sauce. We barely touched these for the amount of food that came out all at once overwhelmed us; James took them home in a doggy bag to snack on later.

     Lastly we tried the Clam Chowder. This was not the best cup of clam chowder we've ever had but it was far from the worst. The chowder had a strong clam taste but there were not a lot of clam pieces in the cup. The potatoes were cut very large and could not be eaten in one bite. The best thing about this clam chowder was that it was served steaming hot, the way any soup should be served, which made it more enjoyable. Overall, this is a flavorful cup of chowder and by far the best thing we ate all night.

     The Harp is usually packed on days there is a sports game at the TD Bank Garden; the line will be out the door. The food service can be a little slow but overall we would recommend this place to sports fans looking for a good place to hang out after or during a Bruins or Celtics game with great drinks and decent food.

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