Thursday, May 24, 2012

Il Mondo

     We both had last Wednesday afternoon off so we decided to be lazy and order out. Il Mondo is a pizzeria located on Huntington Avenue and as soon as we tasted their wings we knew this would be our go to pizza delivery place. Aida could not eat anything the next morning due to blood tests so we splurged and ordered the classic pizza and wings.

     Il Mundo's wings were juicy, tender, and super crispy. These wings are sauceless but the juiciness of the chicken makes up for it. There is not much to say about these wings, except that they are the best take-out wings we've had in a while.

   Next we tried Il Mondo's Margherita Pizza, which is topped with basil, red sauce, and mozzarella, we added eggplant. Below the layer of cheese there were whole, fresh basil leaves, which added a nice freshness to the pizza. The best decision we made was adding the eggplant, which was delicious! We could literally hear the crunch of the eggplant with each bite. As far as pizzas go this one is high on the list.

    We will definitely be ordering from Il Mondo again. The delivery was fast and the food was great!

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Margherita Pizza with added eggplant 



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