Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Salty Pig (Back Bay)

     Saturday night we headed over to The Salty Pig's Back Bay location. After looking at the menu online we figured this restaurant would be a good fit for us. However, it turned out to be a bit of a let down. We arrived at around 6:30pm and the place was empty, by the time we left at 7:20pm it was still empty. The Salty Pig has an extensive beer and cocktail menu, plus it is surrounded by hotels in the middle of the Back Bay, needless to say we found the lack of patrons at the restaurant odd.

   The waiter came up to us and, after a smile-less hello, proceeded to tell us the items on the menu that were not available; he said the day's specials so fast it was hard to understand what they were. Apart from that, the menu online and the menu at the restaurant did not match. Online there is a Cauliflower Soup listed as a starter, which we were looking forward to, but it was nowhere to be found on the menu we received at the restaurant. If it was the soup of the day we don't know, no one offered to tell us what they were.

     First we ordered a platter of Porchetta, Langhirano, a wood oven fired pork shoulder, Manchego Cheese, Marinated Olives, and Pickled Vegetables. First of all, the prices online and the prices on the actual menu were different; the actual prices were higher than the ones listed online. The Manchego was not listed as an option on the online menu and they were out of Midnight Moon, our first cheese selection. The platter we ordered costs $16, for that we were expecting a hearty portion of Porchetta and Manchego, instead we got 5 cubes of Manchego and less than, what we estimate to be, a 1/3 of a pound of Porchetta. On a positive note, the Porchetta was delicious; it was melt in your mouth good..

     Second, we ordered The Salty Pig's Fried Mushrooms, also not listed on the menu posted online. We were trying to figure out what kind of mushrooms we were eating but were unsuccessful. The mushrooms were well seasoned but overly breaded; all you could taste was the breading. They were also a bit on the greasy side. Not a bad appetizer but far from amazing. At least it was a decent sized portion. We ate a few but left some on the plate.

     Lastly, we ordered the Crispy Pork Steamed Buns, which were not listed on the online menu. These  buns, for we would not consider them to be steamed buns, were crispy, almost burned on the outside. The pork inside was over cooked and the last couple of bites were full of pure mayonnaise. Steamed buns are delicious but these left us wondering what went wrong.

    We understand that restaurants need to update their menus. However, in today's world were everything is done electronically we suggest making sure the online menu and the actual menu are the same. Overall, our experience at The Salty Pig was just ok, not awful but definitely far from the best. We found the menu to be overpriced and the server could have been a lot friendlier.

Visit The Salty Pig's website for more information on their locations

Porchetta, Manchego, Pickled Vegetables, and Marinated Olives

Fried Mushrooms 

Crispy Pork Steamed Buns 

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