Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chilli Duck

     Right across the street from the Prudential Center is the Chilli Duck, a great Thai restaurant; Aida's favorite. We have been coming to the Chilli Duck for a while and not once has the experience been unpleasant. The service is fast, the servers are attentive, the prices are reasonable, and the food is amazing.

    We always start our meals at the Chilli Duck with the Platter Combination, which consists of 4 fried siamese shumai, 4 crispy crab won tongs, 2 spring rolls, 2 golden bags, and 2 chicken sa-tay with 4 dipping sauces. Now, some might consider this appetizer platter to be to big for two people but in reality is perfect. Everything, except the chicken sa-tays, is bite sized. The siamese shumai, which are fried dumplings filled with ground shrimp and spices, are slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside; out of all the components on the platter this are our least favorite. The crab won tongs and spring rolls are very crispy and go great with the duck sauce. The chicken sa-tay are slightly coated with curry powder and good when dipped in the peanut sauce. The stars of the dish are by far the golden bags, filled with chicken, onion, scallion, and sweet corn, these deep-fried morsels are delicious, especially when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce.  For $12.95 this appetizer platter is a delightful steal.

    Next, we ordered the Thai Calamari, served with a sweet and sour sauce. We had never had these before and don't think we will be ordering them again. The overall flavor of the dish was good, the calamari were well seasoned, lightly battered, and crispy. However, the way in which the calamari were cut did not sit well with us. The large, thick pieces of calamari were chewy and very fishy. We ate some of these but left some on the plate.

    Lastly, we had the Crispy Pad Thai Noodles, with chicken, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, scallions, assorted vegetables, and ground peanuts. For $9.95 you get very larger portion of food, more than enough for two people. Our only complaint about this dish would be that sometimes the shrimp are not properly deveined. Apart from that, this dish is delicious, almost addictive, once you take the first bite it's impossible to stop until the plate is cleared out. A must have when eating at the Chilli Duck!

   We walked in last Friday night at around 7:00pm and were seated right away. This restaurant never seems to be full or have a wait; we theorize this is due to the incredibly fast service or convenient delivery service. The cozy, intimate ambiance is perfect for couples or small groups. Also, we have noticed a lot of one person tables, which makes this place ideal for anyone. Make sure to order an extra side of the Chilli Duck's peanut sauce, it's out of this world good. We will definitely be returning to the Chilli Duck in the near future to enjoy more of their constantly delicious food.

For the Chilli Duck's full menu and delivery information go to

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