Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puerto Rico: El Metropol (Dorado)

    Our first night in Puerto Rico we went to a restaurant called El Metropol in Aida's hometown of Dorado. This restaurant serves great traditional cuban food. We were a group of 13 people and decided to call ahead of time. Upon arriving we were seated immediately and the service throughout the meal was fast and friendly. At El Metropol you can expect to be served large portions at reasonable prices.

As an appetizer Aida's dad ordered the Lechoncito or slowed cooked pork served over a fried plantain. The almost pulled pork was deliciously tender, drizzled with a bit of barbecue sauce. Yet, the plating was not the best; there was a balsamic glaze drizzled on the plate and the waiters fingerprints were all over it. However, the taste was great. We are not going to's messy but worth every bite! 


James had the Potaje de Garbanzos or chick pea soup. This was the least successful dish we had at the restaurant. It lacked flavor and chick peas. Also, there were random chunks of fat floating around in the soup. It reminded us of a lightly seasoned chicken broth. It was not bad but it was not our favorite. 

 James ordered the Lechón Asado con Arroz Congrí y Tostones or roasted pork with rice, black beans, and fried plantains. The crispy piece of pork skin served on top of the pork was by far the best thing we ate all night! Delicious! The pork was tender and the fried plantains were fried to a golden crisp. The rice with black beans was overcooked, almost toasted, and not an enjoyable part of the dish. Yet, we recommend ordering this dish...just for the amazing, addictive, crispy pork skin!  

 Aida ordered the Arroz Chino al Estilo Cubano or fried rice cuban style. This rice is unlike any fried rice you will ever have. It has lettuce, ham, vegetables, egg, shrimp, and its light on the soy sauce. A bite of this rice with a piece of fried yellow, sweet plantain on top is an out of this world experience! A truly deliciously different dish! 

For dessert we shared a Tierrita de Vanilla or a vanilla muse with oreo crumbs. This was a light, fun way to end an otherwise heavy meal. A simple yet delicious dessert, perfect for kids of every age! 

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