Saturday, June 16, 2012

Puerto Rico: La Estrella del Norte (Fajardo)

    Our last stop in our visit to Puerto Rico was a restaurant in the town of Fajardo called La Estrella del Norte. This unassuming, humble restaurant makes great seafood at unbeatable prices!

     Lobster from Puerto Rico is very different from the one found in the northern United States; the lobster meat is firm and not as buttery. James is not fond of the Caribbean lobster but Aida is. The lobster at La Estrella del Norte is exquisite. Aida ordered the Lobster Panfried in Butter. This plate full of fresh, out of the shell lobster was lightly tossed in a warm butter sauce and mixed with thinly sliced onions and green peppers. Absolutely delicious!

     James ordered the Shrimp Panfried in Butter. The shrimp were large, fresh, and plentiful. Like the lobster, they were served with onions and peppers in a warm butter sauce. James is not a fan of seafood and found them a bit too fishy for his taste. Aida thought they were great. We don't seem to agree on this one, so we recommend taking a trip to Fajardo, Puerto Rico and trying them for yourself!

Lobster Panfried in Butter

Shrimp Panfried in Butter 

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