Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puerto Rico: Piñones

      We spent last weekend in Puerto Rico visiting Aida's family. On our first day there we headed over to Piñones with Aida's sisters. This typical kiosk lined road is a favorite among Puerto Ricans and a must do when visiting the Island. Driving down this road is a fantastic experience, about 20 minutes outside of San Juan without traffic, the beach views are spectacular and the food is amazing. Not to mention, we only spent $30 on food for 4 people. We hopped from kiosk to kiosk trying different things...that's the way to do it when visiting Piñones! Here is what we had....

     Pincho de Pollo con Tostones or Chicken Kabob with Fried Plantains. Traditionally these chicken kabobs are made with boneless pieces of chicken. This one however was made with whole, bone-in pieces, such as the chicken leg. Cooked over an open, wood fire grill this chicken kabob was delicious. The chicken was juicy, the fried plantains were crispy, and the barbecue sauce was just right!

     Next, came the Alcapurrias de Jueyes or Crab Fritters. These are a favorite beach snack among Puerto Ricans. They can be made from plantain or yuca. These ones in particular were made from yuca and were spectacular. They were a bit greasy but that was manly because they vendor made them to order. The crab inside was super fresh and seasoned with local flavors. This is truly an amazing snack or meal if you decide to have a few! 

     The best food usually comes from grandma. That's why when we saw a "grandma" selling her homemade goods on the side of the road we knew we had to stop. Believe it or not, even though she is from an Island surrounded by palm trees, Aida does not like coconut. However, James loves it and he went nuts over this typical Puerto Rican "candy" made from toasted coconut. 

     One of Aida's favorite things to eat when she goes home is a Vasito de Carucho or a Cup full of Conch. When done right conch is delicious. In this particular case, the conch was mixed with thinly sliced onions, green peppers, and oil. The conch was melt-in-your- mouth tender and tasted like it had just come out of the ocean. Delicioso! 

     Lastly, James had a cold, fresh coconut. The vendor opened it using a machete right in front of us. As far as coconut water goes, it docent get any fresher or better than this! 

View from the road in Piñones...beautiful! 

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