Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vernon Dinner (Connecticut)

    Last weekend, on our way to James' house in New York, we decided to stop at the Vernon Dinner. We got off at exit 65 on highway 84 heading west, turned right, and the Vernon Dinner was right there. Their large sign, visible from the road, caught our eye. Not to mention that it was 10pm, packed, we were hungry, and they are open 24 hours. This is a large, extremely clean dinner that serves great comfort food. Perfect for tired, hungry travelers!


 To start James decided to order a cup of the Vernon Dinner's Onion Soup. Usually the bread topping an onion soup gets soggy. The Vernon Dinner somehow manages to keep the bread crispy, even after it has been dunked in steaming hot soup. The flavor of the broth was good and the cheese around the edges of the bowl was crispy. This was a great start to our late night meal! 

Aida ordered one of the Vernon Dinner's Classic Sandwiches, the Balboa. This roast beef sandwich was served in a toasted garlic bun with sautéed onions and melted swiss cheese. The Balboa is definitely a satisfying sandwich. The meat was plentiful, well cooked, and flavorful.  The cheese was gooey and the fries were really crispy. Our only complaint would be the bread, which could have been toasted a little longer. This is a large sandwich, definitely enough to share. We took half of it home for a later meal.

James ordered the Western Panini, which comes with roast beef, cheddar-jack cheese, bacon, grilled onions, baby greens, and barbecue sauce. This panini also comes with a side of crispy, delicious waffle fries. The bacon was crispy and the roast beef was cooked just right. James demolished the Vernon Dinner's Western Panini. At the end of the meal there were only a few lonely waffle fries left on the plate!

If you are traveling down highway 84 we would recommend you stop at the Vernon Dinner for a great, quick, reasonably priced meal! 

For the Vernon Dinner's full menu and location please visit http://vernondiner.com/index.html.

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