Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bonchon (Allston)

       Yesterday, we decided to head out to a Greek Festival in Somerville. However, quickly after arriving we realized it was not our kind of festival and so we decided to head out in search of a good meal. We ended up in Allston at Bonchon, which we had heard about on the Phantom Gourmet. Our evening started out on a sour note but
Bonchon turned it around in a very delicious way!  

To start we ordered the Avocado Salad with ripe avocado, cucumber, kanikama, tobiko or flying fish roe, and Japanese mayo. This was a very good dish! Light and the perfect pallet cleanser to start out the meal. The portion was perfect for two and the presentation was beautiful! The Japanese mayo did not overwhelm the dish; we could taste all the components. The Avocado Salad was a great way to start our meal at Bonchon! 

Next came the Pork Buns, which are steamed buns filled with slow cooked pork belly, scallions, Thai basil, and a house sauce. These were the best Pork Buns we have had in a while. They were so good that after having the first order, we just had to order another! The pork belly was melt in your mouth good and the Thai basil added a hint of pepper flavor to the dish. We absolutely loved this dish, a must have when visiting Bonchon!  

Third we had the Crispy Philly Maki, which is a salmon, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese roll lightly battered and deep fried served with an eel and sweet chili sauce. This was by far the most confusing dish we have ever had. The presentation was impeccable! However, the mix of flavors and textures confused our palate and left us dumfounded. In all honesty we don't know whether to love it or hate it. Go to Bonchon, try the Crispy Philly Maki, and let us know what you think! 

This restaurant is known for its bonchon chicken, which is, in our understanding, double fried Korean barbecue chicken. Each chicken piece is individually "painted" with the perfect amount of sauce. We ordered the small, ten piece strips with soy garlic sauce, which comes with a side of cole slaw and picked radish. This was by far the crispiest chicken we have ever had! The sauce to chicken ratio was perfect. The crunch in your mouth from the crispy chicken produced a delicious sound! We made a mistake and ordered the strips instead of the wings or drumsticks and so we found the chicken to be a bit dry. Yet, the taste and crunch more than made up for that! 

Bonchon serves amazing wings and attracts a younger crowd. It is definitely a great place to hang out and enjoy some great, affordable food with good service. Don't expect to catch a sports game while there though for, although it has great wings, it is not a sports bar. We really enjoyed our experience at Bonchon and would recommend it to anyone. We will be back! 

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