Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cooking at Home: Dry Aged Steak and Rosemary Thyme Garlic Potatoes

Restaurant quality made easy! 

Meat and potatoes, for some it does not get any better than that. James decided to elevate the traditional combination by using a dry aged steak we purchased at Wegmans in Northborough, MA. Dry aged beef is hung at around 36 degrees Fahrenheit for usually 21 days. During the process the connective tissue in the meat breaks down making it extremely tender. While the meat hangs it shrinks about 25%, that combined with the long process, makes dry aged beef pricey. We spent about $20 on a 10oz dry aged steak at Wegmans and it was worth every penny!

Raw 10oz Dry Aged Steak 

Dry Aged Steak:

     1. Find a butcher shop, usually a higher end one, that carries dry aged beef 
     2. Purchase the meat
           -We suggest cooking the dry aged steak quickly after purchasing it, don't let it sit more than 3 days
     3. Pre-heat a pan on high and pre-heat the oven to anywhere from 350-500 degrees 
           -The oven temperature will depend on how fast you want the steak to cook
     4. Before cooking pat dry the dry aged steak using paper towels 
     5. Season the dry aged steak with salt and pepper to taste 
     6. Sear both sides of the dry aged steak in the screaming hot pan
           -Remember you are not trying to cook the steak, just give it a nice sear! 
     7. Put the steak into an oven friendly pan and pop it in the oven 
     8. Cook the steak to a temperature of 140 degrees, which will give you a medium rare steak 
     9. Once the meat is up to temperature take it out of the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes 
    10. Slice the dry aged steak 
    11. Enjoy! 

Cooked 10oz Dry Aged Steak 

Rosemary Thyme Garlic Potatoes:

     1. Dice one potato 
     2. Place the pieces in a bowl 
     3. In a mortar and pestle combine a pinch of rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil 
     4. Take the mixture and toss it with the potatoes 
     5. Place in a baking pan 
     6. Bake at 350 degrees until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside 
     7. Enjoy! 

James' Dry Aged Steak and Rosemary Thyme Garlic Potatoes with Onions 

We normally do not drink beer, however we made an exception for this delicious plate of food! James paired his with a Samuel Adams Octoberfest. 

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