Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Inc.

We have been wanting to dine at Blue Inc. for months now. Last Friday night was the perfect time! Blue Inc. is serving their brand new fall menu and some of the items are out of this world delicious! 

To start the meal our waiter brought us a couple of Blue Inc's pretzel rolls with mustard butter. The pretzel rolls were wonderful. A smear of mustard butter was the perfect complement to the saltiness of the rolls. Careful, don't get carried away with the butter because too much will overpower the pretzel taste. We finished our rolls and were delighted when the waiter offered to bring out some more! 

The first fall menu item we had was Blue Inc's Sugar Pumpkin Bisque with shitake mushrooms, foie gras crostini, and tarragon créme fraiche. This dish was nothing short of exquisite! It is rich, creamy, sweet, filling, and, most importantly, delicious! The Sugar Pumpkin Bisque was the perfect way to start the fall season! A must have when eating at Blue Inc. 

Second we had one of Blue Inc's small plates the Salt Cod Fritters served with roasted garlic aioli and lemon. Growing up in Puerto Rico Aida loves eating the typical bacalaitos or cod fritters; Blue Inc's salt cod fritters tasted very similar. A fritter with a piece of candied orange dipped in the garlic aioli made up the perfect bite. These were very tasty bites and an absolute steal at only $5! 

Next came Blue Inc's BBQ Miso Glazed Chicken Wings with a green onion dip and asian greens. These are not your typical crispy wings. They are the fall of the bone variety. Even though the wings were not crispy the skin was still enjoyable to eat. James loved the wings, mainly because the meat left the bone as soon as you picked one up. Aida on the other hand prefers her wings crispy. Either way the flavor was great!

For our entree we ordered Blue Inc's Burger Inc Burger with bacon, avocado, and cheddar served with fries and house made ketchup. This was one tasty, juicy burger perfectly cooked to a medium. Our only complaint would be that the bacon could have been crispier. The house made ketchup was a great alternative to the store bought option. Overall, a delicious burger!  

Lastly we ordered Blue Inc's Liquid Nitrogen Maple Pumpkin Milkshake. This milkshake is a vision when it is first brought to the table, the liquid nitrogen embodies the glass in a   ball of smoke. It is a real treat seeing the liquid nitrogen disappear before taking your first sip. The milkshake itself is delicious, however it could been a bit sweeter; to Aida it did not read like a dessert. Regardless, this milkshake was full of pumpkin flavor. Absolutely a delectable experience! 

Blue Inc's small, modern space is perfect for a dinner date or small gathering of friends. The service is great, with attentive, knowledgeable servers. Blue Inc. is a great restaurant that everyone visiting or living in Boston should visit! 

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