Monday, October 29, 2012

Granary Tavern

Last weekend we were celebrating James' birthday! To celebrate Aida decided to surprise him with dinner at the new Granary Tavern in the financial district. This restaurant really impressed us! The food was delicious, the service was great, and the ambiance was cozy yet cool! The perfect place for a fun birthday dinner date! 

To start we ordered a couple Oysters on the Half Shell. The oysters were properly cleaned and tasted like the sea! A delicious, refreshing way to start the meal!

Second we had Granary Tavern's Sweet Potato Fritters. These fritters were light and fluffy! The thin crust was delicious and did not overpower the delicate flavor of the sweet potato inside. However, we would have liked to have the honey mustard served on a dipping vessel; it was delicious and we wanted more of it. Also, the fritters could have used a toss in salt just as they came out of the frier. Apart from that, these Sweet Potato Fritters were a scrumptious part of our meal!

The Sriracha Tenders with buttermilk ranch and b&b pickles immediately caught our attention when reading the menu. The buttermilk ranch was addictive! The chicken tenders were crispy and pipping hot when they reached our table. Yum! Yet, the sriracha sauce seemed like an afterthought splattered on top of the chicken. We would have liked to see the sriracha incorporated better in the dish.

Out of all the reviews we read for Granary Tavern the Fig and Irish Bacon Flatbread, with grilled scallions, parmesan and goat cheeses, seemed to be a favorite. The crust was very good; it was obviously made from great dough. Although the flavors of the flatbread were great, we would have liked to see more of the ingredients. There was an unbalance between the amount of crust and the toppings.

Lastly we had Granary Tavern's Fish and Chips.  The fries were average at best. The local cod was deliciously crispy although it fell apart as soon as you tried to pick it up. Even though the fish was fragile the taste was great, especially when dipped in the tarter sauce. Overall a good dish!

Although Granary Tavern is a relatively new restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by how they keep it together. The restaurant was packed, yet our table was ready for us as soon as we walked through the door at 7:45pm; we recommend you make a reservation. There was a great variety of people, from costumed college students to families enjoying a meal. Apart from needing a little extra salt, the food was delicious! Granary Tavern is a great addition to the already buzzing Boston restaurant scene!

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