Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smokey Bones (Lakeland, FL)

This weekend Boston Food and Love was two places at once! James was with his family in Boston and Aida was with her family in Florida. This review comes from Florida! BBQ, when done right, can be an amazing experience, Smokey Bones Bar and Grill does it right!

To start the family ordered the Southwest Spring Rolls, which are crispy spring rolls filled with shredded all-white meat chicken, corn, and black beans. These spring rolls were ok. They were crunchy and not greassy. However, there were a lot of flavors competing for attention and some were lost in the mix.

As a second appetizer we ordered the Loaded Nachos, which were huge, topped with melted cheese and salsa! The portion was more than enough for six people! The cheese was melted and the nachos were crunchy, just like a bowl of nachos should be! The Loaded Nachos were a great start to the meal!

Aida created her own entree of hand pulled pork, grilled chicken breast, brocolli, and fire roasted corn. The pork was delicious, it was un-sauced just like good BBQ should be! The chicken had a nice flavor and the glaze added an unexpected element of sweetness. The corn was the only downfall of the dish, it had a strong burnt pepper flavor. The brocolli was delicious, steamed and cooked perfectly! This was a great dish. Building your own plate when visiting Smokey Bones should definately be an option everyone should consider.

Lastly, we had Smokey Bones Hot Bag O' Donuts. These donuts were amazing! The came to the table hot and crusted in a sugar mixture. Mouth watering! A must have when visiting Smokey Bones!

Smokey Bones serves good BBQ at reasonable prices. However, some of the dishes left a lot to be expected, for instance Aida's dad's ribs were rubbery and hard to eat and her brother's fish and chips was greassy. Stick to the wings or the BBQ chicken and pulled pork!

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