Friday, October 12, 2012

Tasty Burger (Fenway)

Lunch for two, including tax and tip, for under $20? That is basically unheard of in Boston, unless you hit up a fast food or stop by Tasty Burger. We avoid fast food at all costs and therefore must admit were hesitant about eating at Tasty Burger. We are glad to say Tasty Burger turned out to be better, in both taste and quality, than fast food. Not the healthiest option around, but what the food lacks in nutritional value it makes up in taste! 

To start we ordered Tasty Burger's 50/50 Fries & Rings. This basket of crispy french fries and onion strings will only set you back $4! We were not expecting onion strings when we ordered the basket and were pleasantly surprised when they arrived at the table. Other than delicious there is not much to say about this dish!  

James' ordered Tasty Burger's Blue Collar Burger which is a batter fried hamburger patty with sweet mustard pickle. This is the first and probably the only time we will order a deep fried burger but it was just too tempting to resist. Although it was fried the burger patty was still perfectly cooked to a medium. In all honesty, apart from extra carbs, we did not feel the batter crust added anything to the burger and the mustard was overwhelming. As a whole the Blue Collar Burger was an alright burger. However, we will not be tempted to order it again. 

Aida ordered The Big Tasty which comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and Tasty sauce. This was a very messy burger. The bun could not hold all of the ingredients and basically fell apart. Overall this was a good burger, especially if you are looking for a quick late night meal. 

We would recommend Tasty Burger to college students looking for a tasty, budget friendly meal in a cool atmosphere. Fenway Park is literally right around the corner, so for the hungry fan looking for a pre-game meal Tasty Burger is convenient. We would be back for the 50/50 Fries and Rings but maybe next time we will try one of their hot dogs or chicken sandwiches. 

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