Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taqueria Eucalipto (Chelsea, MA)

James used to live in Chelsea, MA. Due to that we were able to get to know the area rather well. Occasionally we return to enjoy some of the delicious food Chelsea has to offer. A lot of people stay away from the area, however those adventurous foodies looking for great, authentic, South American food should definitely give Chelsea a try. Last night we decided to head over to Taqueria Eucalipto, right in the heart of Chelsea. The following meal only costs us $19.40, including tax! It was homemade, ultra fresh, and delicious! 

To start our meal James ordered a small Mango Shake. The shake was thick, full of mango flavor, and super refreshing! The mango flavor complements the flavors of Taqueria Eucalipto's food perfectly. A great shake and a steal at only $3.00! 

Next we ordered four Pork Tacos. Each taco will only set you back $2.00. The tacos are flavorful and straight forward. The juicy pork is accompanied by a mix of chopped onions and cilantro, topped with a slice of radish. They are served with fresh lime wedges and a spicy salsa verde. The fresh tortillas are delicious, we would strongly recommend ordering tacos when dinning at Taqueria Eucalipto! 

While exploring Chelsea we discovered Pupusas, which are delicious Salvadoran stuffed corn tortillas. At Taqueria Eucalipto Pupusas are served with pickled vegetables and a tomato based meat sauce. A pupusa will only costs $1.75. They are packed with cheese and pork and are extremely filling! A great part of our meal! 

Lastly we had Taqueria Eucalipto's Gordita. The fried corn patty was stuffed with chicken, cilantro, and queso blanco. These Gorditas, at only $3.00, are crispy, filling, and well made! Deliciously served with a mild chili sauce! 

Inside a Gordita 

Taqueria Eucalipto is an extremely affordable, simple restaurant serving delicious food! Everyone should give the Chelsea food scene a try...we guarantee it will be worth the trip over the Tobin Bridge...add the $3 toll for crossing the Tobin Bridge and a meal will still cost less than most Boston restaurants!

For more information on Taqueria Eucalipto please call 617-884-4900. 
For more information on the town of Chelsea, MA please visit

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