Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vejigantes Restaurant

Finally a good Puerto Rican restaurant in Boston! Vejigantes Restaurant serves great, affordable, authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. The restaurant's decor takes you right back to Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. A great new spot, just a minutes away from the center of the Back Bay! 

Lets start with the drinks! James ordered the White Sangria. It was smooth and the fruit did not fill up the majority of the glass. We definitely got your $10 worth with this glass of White Sangria! 

Aida loves a good mojito and Vejigantes delivered just that! The sugar cane garnish was a nice addition. We thought the $10 price tag on the Mojito was a bit high. Yet, it was not watered down and the flavor was great!

First we had a sample of Vejigantes Crema de Plátano de Doña Carmen (Doña Carmen Special Recipe Cream of Plantain). The samples were huge; larger than most soup cups at other restaurants. The best part...they were on the house! The texture of the cream of plantain was almost like a potato soup. The plantain flavor was present but did not overpower our palate. Top the soup with a bit of Vejigantes house made hot sauce to put this dish over the top! A great way to start the meal! 

As our first appetizer we ordered the Bacalaitos Fritos (Codfish Fritters). These Bacalaitos tasted just like the ones we've had right next to beach in sunny Puerto Rico while visiting Aida's family. Delicious! The batter did not overpower the codfish flavor but most importantly they were not greasy. A must have when visiting Vejigantes! 

Our second appetizer were the Pastelillos de Jueyes (Crabmeat Empanadas). The pastelillos were served cut in half which made the filling fall out when we picked them up. Apart from that, the flavor of the fresh crabmeat was delightful, full of traditional latin flavors, and the pastelillos were deliciously crispy! 

Aida ordered Vejigantes' Mofongo Tradicional de Plátano (Traditional Mashed Plantains with Pork). Traditionally mofongos are served with a protein served on the side. Vejigantes mashes their plantains along with the meat which uniformly combines them, making every bite the perfect bite! Our only complaint would be that some of the pieces of pork inside the mofongo were soggy and others were pure fat. Yet, as a whole the mofongo was very well-prepared!

James ordered Vejigantes' Churrasco con Salsa Chimichurri (Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce). The churrasco was a little overdone, which is not surprising considering it is a skirt steak. The sauce had a mild lemon flavor, which added a nice hint of freshness to the dish. As a side James had Arroz con Gandules (Spanish Rice with Green Pigeons Peas). The rice was a little dry, however the flavor was good. The Churrasco was a delicious steal at only $16! 

We could not leave Vejigantes without having some dessert. First we had the Tres Leches (Tree Milks Cake). Aida found it to be a bit overly sweet. On the other hand, the cake was moist and the overall flavor was delectable! 

Our final dish at Vejigantes were the Casquitos de Guayaba con Queso (Bites of Guava Paste with White Cheese). This traditional Puerto Rican dessert was straightforward and delicious! A great way to end our meal at Vejigantes! 

We recommend Vejigantes Restaurant to anyone looking for good Puerto Rican or just good food period around Boston. The space is small, so we suggest making a reservation, especially if you plan on eating dinner. We have never had so much food at any restaurant but we could not get enough of Vejigantes delicious food! The plating was impeccable, the service was great, the prices were outstanding, and the food was delicious...we will definitely be back! 

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