Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moogy's Restaurant (Brighton)

Last Sunday we had breakfast at Moogy's Restaurant in Brighton. James found this corky, cozy spot on Urbanspoon while looking for a place serving great breakfast to take his dad. Moggy's is decorated with chalkboards describing their more unique menu items and multi-colored lights. The fun names they gave their dishes makes you want to order them all! The food was delicious, the prices incredibly reasonable, and the portions huge! 

James' ordered Moogy's Rude Awakening pancake plate, which is composed of three colossal pancakes with bananas, chocolate chips, and blueberries dusted with powder sugar. The perfect world to describe these pancakes is...different! Overall, the pancakes were good. However, the blueberries seemed out of place; at times their flavor clashed with the others on the dish. It is definitely a filling, tasty, peculiar dish!

Aida ordered the Sugar Daddy, which is a french toast sandwich filled with turkey and Swiss cheese topped with confectioners sugar. This extremely large sandwich is perfect for sharing. The cheese was flawlessly melted and did not overpower the turkey. The french toasts were well made and did not fall apart when picked up. This sandwich is perfect dipped in warm syrup! Absolutely delicious!  

James' dad ordered Moogy's Nuclear Bomb, which is a sub roll filled with three scrambled eggs, American cheese, salsa, hot sauce, and either ham, bacon, or sausage; he choose sausage.   The heat of the hot sauce was not overwhelming, it was just enough. This sandwich contains an interesting combination of flavors that, oddly enough, all seem to work well together. There was nothing left on the plate, so it is safe to say James' dad liked it!  

As we walked in we noticed an order of curly fries on another table and we just had to order them. These were pure crispy deliciousness! A great basket of fries! 

Moogy's Restaurant delivered an awesome, filling meal! We will definitely consider returning, maybe play one of their many board games while we wait for our food. Good food, great prices, and a relaxed atmosphere...Moogy's is our kind of restaurant. 

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