Sunday, December 16, 2012


Steve's on Newbury Street closed for renovations for a couple months. We had been eagerly waiting for it to reopen. Last Saturday James' dad was visiting and we decided Steve's would be the perfect spot to take him for a delicious Greek meal. Unfortunately, Steve's did not meet our expectations. 

Our waiter was awful! A soon a we were seated he proceeded to sell us the managers sangria. He was overly insistent that we order it telling us "we want to get you drunk," even after we said no a couple of times. James' father does not drink and therefore the waiter's sangria monologue made us feel very uncomfortable. 

Once the waiter finally took our order, he disappeared. Only reappearing to bring us a basket of pita bread. He plopped it on the center of the table and said "now, that's for later." We found his order-like tone to be very distasteful. If he wanted us to consume the pita bread later then he should have brought it later. The pita itself was delicious, but the way in which it was served left a sour note in our mouths. 

The three of us ordered Steve's Gyro Plate, which comes with a heaping portion of gyro meat, and your choice of french fries, rice, vegetables, or a greek salad. Steve's used to serve mouthwatering gyro meat.  However, this time around the meat was dry and almost flavorless. The rice had a good taste but was not memorable. Steve's Tzatziki was the best part of the dish, extremely well made! 

The side Greek salad was just ok. There was plenty of feta cheese. Yet, the vegetables seemed like they were thrown on the plate. Again, not a memorable part of our meal. 

James' dad ordered the Chicken and Rice soup but it never made it to the table. Our waiter brought us our meals before he brought the soup. When we asked him about it, he simply said "I forgot about it." He offered to bring the soup out but by then we were so annoyed, we refused and asked him to take it off the bill, which he also forgot to do. When we pointed it out, he took out cash bills from his apron and offered to pay us back with some of his tip money. We have never had waiter do such a thing. The gesture made us uncomfortable and we did not accept it. 

On our way out we asked to speak with the person in charge. After hearing our complaint, she proceeded to make excuses for our waiter and tell us how awesome his service usually was. It was obvious she did not care about what we had to say. 

We wont be visiting Steve's Newbury Street location any time soon. The renovations look great but the service and food left a lot to be desired. 

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