Sunday, January 20, 2013

GEM Restaurant & Lounge

Last night we had dinner at GEM Restaurant & Lounge in the heart of Boston's Financial District. We were excited to dine at another of Big Night Entertainment's creations; they are also the ones behind Red Lantern and Empire. We were delighted to see American cuisine made in a refined, elevated manner. GEM delivered a truly amazing meal with great service, delicious food, and a cozy atmosphere!

To start the meal our waiter brought us a piece of Italian bread with a side of butter and olive oil. The bread was both fluffy and crusty at the same time. The olive oil was surprisingly refreshing. A great way to start the meal! 

Next we ordered GEM's Griddled Quesadilla filled with duck confit and gruyere cheese topped with a corn and cilantro salsa. The cheese was perfectly melted, as it should be on a great quesadilla. The corn salsa nicely cut trough the heaviness of the cheese. The presentation was excellent! 

To our surprise the waiter brought over a special appetizer which came compliments of the chef. This dish was one of our favorite parts of the meal. Apricots filled with goat cheese topped with bacon lardons, micro greens, and a balsamic glaze. They were perfect little bites of sweet and salty. Delicious! Thank you! 

We ordered a few of GEM's Bar Bites. First came the Fried Gnocchi served with a plum tomato sauce. First of all, the plating of these was charming. The gnocchi were crispy on the outside and cloud like on the inside. In the sauce, the tomato overpowered the plum flavor. However, the chunky tomato sauce was delicious when mixed with the gnocchi! 

The second bar bite we ordered were the Tater Tots, with green onion and russian dressing. These were probably some of the best tater tots we have ever had! They were light and fluffy. The russian dressing complemented the potato and green onion flavors perfectly. Once again, the plating was impeccable! A must have when dinning at GEM! 

Our first entree was GEM's Tuna Sashimi Sandwich with sesame, avocado, cucumber, and sweet soy mayo. The sashimi was seared perfectly. Our only complaint would be that the bun fell apart and did not hold the sandwich together well. Apart from that, this was a uniquely different sandwich. Perfect for anyone looking for a light meal. 

The second entree we ordered was GEM's Pan Fried Burger. The patty is made from grass feed beef and is topped with caramelized onions and aged gruyere cheese. It is served with GEM's out of this world delicious house fries! To make this story short...GEM's Pan Fried Burger is the best burger we have had in Boston! The beef was cooked to a perfect medium and was melt in your mouth good. Do not leave GEM without giving this burger a try! 

To finish our meal we ordered what our waiter described as a Berry and Chocolate Mouse Parfait. The chocolate mouse, although it had a good flavor, was very heavy; it was almost a chocolate fudge. The desserts are not part of the printed menu and we relied on the waiter to describe them. Aida really dislikes the taste of coconut and the waiter failed to inform us that one of the components of the dessert was toasted coconut. Had we known that we would have ordered something else. This dessert was good but it did not let us wanting more like the rest of the meal did.

GEM is a home run! Anyone living or visiting Boston should give this restaurant a try. We will be coming back! With Red Lantern and Gem being such a success we are willing to give Empire a second try! 

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