Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little Q Hot Pot and Szechuan House (Arlington, MA)

Last Friday, after a round of pottery painting at Clay Dreams, we decided to cross the street and have dinner at Little Q Hot Pot and Szechuan House. Hot pot consists of a simmering pot of stock placed on the center of the table in which you can cook your own food. This was our first time eating at a hot pot restaurant and we must say we truly enjoyed the interactive experience! 

To start the meal we ordered Little Q Hot Pot's Crab Rangoons. We have had a lot of crab rangoons and must say these are some of the best. The crab is the dominant flavor instead of the cream cheese. An order of 6 will only set you back $3.95. Not only were these delicious, they were also extremely affordable!  

Little Q Hot Pot allows you to choose two different kinds of stocks for the center of the table. We chose the Black Bone Chicken (right) and Mala (left) stocks. The Black Bone Chicken stock had a robust chicken flavor. The Mala stock is usually very spicy, however we requested it be made mild for us. Both stocks were delectable! 

To cook in our stocks we ordered the Supreme Pork Slices Combo which comes with thinly sliced pork, vegetables, and noodles. We also ordered Egg Dumplings, Fish Balls, and a side of thinly sliced chicken breast. We enjoyed everything except for the fish balls; they were to fishy for our taste. The proteins absorbed the flavor of the broths perfectly. It was a really fun experience to drop each component in the broths and watch them cook!  

Thinly Sliced Pork 

Basket of Vegetables 

Udon Noodles 

Egg Dumplings 

Fish Balls 

Thinly Sliced Chicken Breast 

Although delicious, all of the food when cooked in the stocks ends up having the same soft texture. After a while we were craving some crunch! So we ordered Little Q Hot Pot's Spring Rolls. These were fresh, not overly greasy, and added a much welcomed crunchy element to our meal! 

To finish we had Little Q Hot Pot's Fruit Sorbet ball covered in white chocolate. This was the perfect ending to our meal. The passion fruit, raspberry, and mango sorbets went perfectly together. The white chocolate flavor was unexpected but did not clash with the other components of the dish. A great way to end our meal! 

Warning! Although it might seem like we ordered a lot of food in reality it was just right for two. The slices of pork and chicken are paper thin and not very filling. We would recommend Little Q Hot Pot to small groups of friends looking for a fun, interactive dinning experience! 

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