Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Q

Last Monday we both had the day off. So we decided to celebrate with some BBQ. We have heard wonderful things about Sweet Cheeks Q and so we decided to give it a try. The atmosphere is classic BBQ; lots of wood and long picnic tables. Sweet Cheeks Q does BBQ the right way! The meat comes un-sauced, just like it should be. We truly enjoyed their homemade BBQ sauces. The tomato based sweet sauce was absolutely delicious; it is good enough to drink! The food had a great, classic barbecue flavor. We appreciate Sweet Cheeks minimal plating; they allow the food to shine on its own!

The first dish we ordered were Sweet Cheeks Q's Hush Puppies. These hush puppies were light and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They had a hint of sweetness to them which, when mixed with the sauce (we think it was a buttermilk ranch) was delicious! Aida has had a lot of hush puppies and this were some of the best she has ever had! Well done Sweet Cheeks Q! These are a grand slam! 

James ordered Sweet Cheeks Q's Berkshire Pulled Pork Sandwich, with a side of cole slaw and cita's broccoli. The pulled pork had just the right amount of smokey taste and was melt in your mouth tender. The heaping portion of pork was more than filling. As far as broccoli casseroles go this one was good. The cheese did not overpower the flavor of the tender broccoli. The cole slaw was well balanced; the sugar to vinegar ratio was right on point. Overall, this was a great pulled pulled pork sandwich! 

Aida ordered Sweet Cheeks Q Natural Pulled Chicken Sandwich. This chicken was absolutely deliciously juicy, flavorful, and tender! The Texas toast were not overly buttery and added a much needed crunch to the dish. This sandwich was perfect topped with some of Sweet Cheeks Q's tomato based BBQ sauce.  Delicious! 

We could not resist the temptation of Sweet Cheeks Q's Giant Nutter Butter. The house made marshmallow fluff was delicious and added moisture to the two crunchy cookies. The thin peanut butter  cookies were packed full of peanut pieces. This dessert is for someone with a huge sweet tooth or to share with a group of friends. A great ending to our meal! 

We would recommend Sweet Cheeks Q to groups of friends looking for great food in a fun atmosphere. Although we found Sweet Cheeks Q to be a bit overpriced the delicious flavor of the food more than made up for it! 

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