Friday, April 12, 2013

JM Curley

Last Saturday night we decied to go to JM Curley because several bloggers and journalistic publications said they served the best burger in Boston. We are not ashamed to say, we are burger lovers! James makes some amazing burgers and, not to brag, we haven't found one that beats his. However, we will say that JM Curley does serve a pretty great burger, in a gastropub like setting, with great service, and some other funky food! 

We were in a gastropub like place so why not try a cocktail! We had JM Curley's Dark & Stormy cocktail, which is composed of dark run, lime, ginger brew, and dark sugar rim. Keep in mind, cocktails are not our area of expertise. Yet, we really liked this one! The flavors went well together and the sugar rim added an unexpected sweetness to the drink. We would definitely order it again! 

We ordered a few of JM Curley's "snacks." The first was Curley's Cracka Jack..yes, that is how it's spelled....which consisted of caramel candied popcorn, dangerously delicious bacon, roasted peanuts, and a prize. The bacon added a nice saltniess which complimented the caramel candied popcorn perfectly. All the flavors of this dish worked harmoniously together! The caramel block was a fun twist on the traditional prize!


Our second "snack" were JM Curley's Fried Pickles, zesty-dill house pickles served with a creole mayo. You could tell everything was house made. The mayo had a sheen that normal, out-of-the-jar mayo does not. It also had a velvet like texture. The pickles were very well seasoned and the dill was not overpowering. Aida actually enjoyed them even thought she really dislikes pickles! A must have when eating at JM Curley!

As our first entree we ordered JM Curley's Double Down. Now, this dish is described fried chicken, with a curry mayo, micro cumin, pea shoots, mint, and a side of jmC hot sauce. Yet, when the dish hit the table we were forced do a double looked more like two pieces of french toast than chicken! Confused by the appearance of the dish we ask the waiter if that was the correct dish, indeed it was. JM Curley grinds their chicken and turns it into two bread shaped pieces. The freshly ground chicken was very well seasoned. The fresh herbs added a nice freshness to an otherwise heavy plate. The jmC hot sauce cleverly comes served in a plastic dropper. The hot sauce was vinger based and had quite a kick to it! Overall this perplexing looking dish was borderline amazing! A great part of our meal!

Last but not least we had the much talked about, the piece of resistance...JM Curley's 9oz Natural Angus Burger, with cheddar cheese, griddled onions, pickles, pop's russian, and french fries. The burger was perfectly cooked to a medium with the cheese throughly melted over it. The fries were very well seasoned. We would have liked just a tad bit more of the griddled onions. As far as the best burger race in Boston, in our humble opinion, JM Curley's comes in a close second place!

We really enjoyed our experience at JM Curley. Our waiter was very accommodating and attentive. The atmosphere was laid back, with minimal decor, and exposed brick walls. We would recommend this restaurant to small groups of friends looking for good drinks, great food, and affordable prices. JM Curley does not take reservations so we recommend getting there early! A great Boston hangout spot! 

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