Sunday, June 9, 2013

Red Lantern (Revisited)

Boston Food and Love's first blog post was provoked by a restaurant nestled in the heart of the Back Bay. On Sunday, March 18th 2012 we first wrote about Red Lantern an Asian restaurant owned by Big Night Entertainment. Since then we would like to think both our writing and palates have evolved. A little over a year ago we ate at Red Lantern and were left impressed but more importantly inspired. 

Last night we returned to Red Lantern with, what we thought, were unachievable high expectations. As we arrived we were seated right away for our 8:00pm reservation in a cozy corner of this giant 250 seat restaurant. Our waiter immediately offered us water and took our appetizer order. So far so good...

Calamari Crunchy 
 We could not wait to once again have Red Lantern's Calamari Crunchy, served with Thai butter, grape tomatoes, and curry peanuts. This is without a doubt the best plate of fried calamari we've had anywhere. The calamari is fried to perfection; the crunchiness is addictive! The curried peanuts add an unexpected twist to the dish and the Thai butter is divine! This is the perfect plate of fried calamari...a must have when eating at Red Lantern! 
Calamari Crunchy 
Lobster Rangoons 
The Lobster Rangoon's are served with sweet soy and sliced scallions. The cheese flavor does not compete with the mild flavor of the lobster. These are well made, delicious lobster rangoons! A refreshing change from the traditional cream cheese crab combination.  Our only complaint would be that the filling was a bit runny.

Next we ordered Red Lantern's Duck Buns. The hoisin duck topped with Mirin pickles served in between a warm, perfectly steamed bun was delectable. The plating of this dish was charming and the flavors were spectacular. It was our first time having the Duck Buns and we would definitely consider ordering them again. 
Duck Buns  
"New Style" California Roll 
For our sushi selection we tried Red Lantern's "New Style" California Roll with cucumber and avocado topped with a crabstick salad. Last time we were at Red Lantern we were not to impressed with their sushi. However, this time around it was different. We enjoyed the twist on the traditional California Roll. The added Wasabi gave the roll a mild spiciness. The crabstick salad was very refreshing making it the perfect roll to enjoy on a hot summers day. Scrumptious! 

"New Style" California Roll 
As our last savory selection we ordered the Singapore Street Noodles with shrimp, scallops, pork, curry, and XO sauce. Our only complaint with this dish would be the lack of salt; after tasting it we added a bit of soy sauce to the dish. The mixture of pork and seafood was enjoyable and the noodles well cooked. Overall a great way to end the savory portion of our meal at Red Lantern! 
Singapore Street Noodles 
Last but definitely not least we had Red Lantern's Lantern Cake, a banana cake with a layer of peanut butter mousse covered in a chocolate shell served with a scoop of banana ice cream. We liked this dessert but were not overly impressed by it. The chocolate shell  overpowered the peanut butter flavor and the cake was extremely dense. On the other hand, the banana ice cream was addictive; absolutely delicious!
Lantern Cake 
To finish the meal James' had Red Lantern's Flaming Plum shot. This shot is impressive when it reaches the table for floating on top of the alcohol there is a burning flame. There is no picture of this shot for it does not photograph well. 

Remember those unachievable high expectations we mentioned earlier in the post? Well, Red Lantern rose to the occasion and met every single one. Red Lantern remains one of our all-time favorite restaurants in the Boston area. 

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