Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue Dragon

Last week we decided to give Blue Dragon, Ming Tsai's newest restaurant, a try. Blue Dragon is nestled in the Four Point Channel, a short walk away from the Institute of Contemporary Art. We have been intrigued by this gastropub ever since it opened, not only because of the great chef behind it, but also due to its constant spot among Boston's Top 10 Restaurants on Urbanspoon. 

We must admit this was our second attempt at dinning at Blue Dragon; the first time there was a 2 hour wait and we didn't have the time to wait that long. This time around we came on a Wednesday night and were seated right away! 

To start we ordered Blue Dragon's Pork and Scallion Wontons. These came served with a delicious, mildly spicy broth. The pork filling had great flavor, especially when eaten with the broth. However, the wonton wrapper was extremely thin and fell apart when we tried to pick it up. As a whole this dish packed a flavor punch! Our favorite dish of the night! 
Pork and Scallion Wontons 
Next, we had one of the more unusual items on Blue Dragon's menu, the Crispy Pork Tail with Mango Sticky Rice. The mango sticky rice served inside a banana leaf was deliciously sticky! Aida is Puerto Rican and this dish reminded her of a traditional Puerto Rican Pastel; a plantain or yuca boiled pastry filled with a mixture of either chicken or pork. The pork tail itself was not crispy. Its rubbery texture took some getting used to but the flavor was not unpleasant. This is definitely a dish for an adventurous eater! 
Crispy Pork Tail with Mango Sticky Rice
When we saw the next dish on the menu we immediately knew we had to order it. The Vietnamesse Chicken Wings with Spicy Caramel Sauce were deliciously crispy! As a side note, we had to call the restaurant to get the correct name for this dish; they are not included in their current online menu. The fresh vegetable salad underneath was incredibly refreshing. Even though the name says caramel these are not sweet; the perfect balance between sweet and salty is achieved in this dish. 
Vietnamesse Chicken Wings with Spicy Caramel Sauce 
Last but not least we ordered Blue Dragon's Eight Treasure Fried Rice. Unfortunately, this was our least favorite dish of the night. It was severely under seasoned and unevenly cooked. There were some pork pieces that were rock hard, some of them actually hurt our teeth, and some that were just right; the pork had an almost synthetic taste. This dish left us wondering...what went wrong? 
Eight Treasure Fried Rice 
Overall, Blue Dragon is a good neighborhood place. The tapas style menu is great for sharing. The down to earth ambiance is great for small groups of friends looking for a reasonably priced meal and a few drinks! 

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