Sunday, November 10, 2013

Laugh Boston

For James' birthday this year we caught a show at the recently opened Laugh Boston. Located in Boston's Seaport district this comedy club offers a lot of laughs and delicious food! 

Before the show we had a drink at Laugh Boston's bar. We recently discovered Angry Orchard Hard Cider and were thrilled they had it on tap! 
Angry Orchard
Laugh Boston Bar 
That night we watched comedian Jeff Dye, unfortunately for him he was competing with the Red Sox's World Series game. Even though the place was half empty he made the best of it and had the audience laughing right off the bat. 
Comedian Jeff Dye on stage at Laugh Boston 
Laugh Boston serves a small menu composed of snacks and light meals. First we ordered their Pretzel Bites which are local, organic, and vegan served with a cheese sauce or spicy mustard. These pretzel bites had a good flavor, especially when dipped in the cheese sauce but lets face it what doesn't taste better when smothered in cheese? Our only complaint with these would be the texture, they were a bit chewy and hollow inside. 
Pretzel Bites with Cheese Sauce
Next we ordered, Laugh Boston's Prosciutto Flatbread with provolone and fig purée. The flatbread was by far the best thing we ate that night. The sweetness of the fig purée did not overpower the dish. The flatbread was crispy and the ingredients were evenly distributed...delicious! 
Prosciutto Flatbread 

Lastly we had Laugh Boston's Chicken Panini with prosciutto, provolone, roasted red peppers, and basil. The best thing about this panini was the melt of the cheese. The provolone was well melted and acted as a bider for the other components. The roasted red peppers added an unexpected burst of flavor. A very good panini! 

Chicken Panini 

Overall we really enjoyed our experience at Laugh Boston! The food prices are very reasonable and a ticket to a comedy show will cost you $25. Laugh Boston is attached to the Westin Hotel, have the venue validate your parking ticket for a discounted rate on the hotel parking lot. We would recommend Laugh Boston to anyone looking to have a couple of laughs while eating some tasty food!  

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