Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lolita (Revisited)

We are huge fans of Lolita in the Back Bay. We have been hearing about their All You Can Eat Taco Mondays for a while now and a few weeks ago we finally had a chance to try them! Like always, Lolita started our meal with some complimentary tortilla chips, house-made salsas/dip, and granita with a shot of the house tequila. A delicious start to the meal! 
Complimentary Tortilla Chips with three House Dips
Complimentary Granita with a shot of house Tequila
In order to get the $7 all you can eat taco special you have to order one of Lolita's signature cocktails.  Aida stuck to a traditional margarita, the Lolita Margarita, with zap open reposed, cane sugar syrup, grapefruit, and combiner liqueur. James branched out and ordered their Ginger Peach Sangria with white wine, mathilde peach liqueur, ginger, and fresh lemon. These drinks were a great accompaniment to our tacos. We are lightweights and one drink each was enough for us...Lolita definitely does not serve watered down drinks. 
Lolita Margarita
Ginger Peach Sangria
If there is something Lolita does well is soup. Every time we go we have to order their Tortilla Soup with roasted chicken broth poured table side with pulled chicken, avocado, tortilla chip strips, green chiles, and queso. This soup is nothing short of amazing, it is the perfect soup for a cold winter night! We also ordered Lolita's Spicy Corn Bisque which is a creamy roasted corn bisque with ancho chile spices, creme, corn nuts, and sliced scallions. This was our first time trying this soup and it is delicious! It was rich, creamy, decadent, and packed full of flavor! 
Tortilla Soup
Spicy Corn Bisque 
Last but not least came the all you can eat tacos. The hard and soft tortillas come accompanied by beef, chicken, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, and shredded cheese. We did not go back for seconds for Lolita gives a generous first serving. The tacos were flavorful and customizable to fit everyone's taste.  Overall, Lolita's $7 All You Can Eat Taco Monday did not disappoint. 
All You Can Eat Taco Fillings 
Hard and Soft Tortillas 
To end our meal our waiter brought us Lolita's complementary Cotton Candy topped with Pop Rocks. There is not much to say about this dessert except that it is a fun play on a childhood favorite! 
Cotton Candy with Pop Rocks 
We always have a good time when we dine at Lolita. It has become one of our go-to spots in the Back Bay. We suggest making a reservation before going...this place is usually packed. We would recommend Lolita to small groups of friends looking for good drinks, great food, excellent service, and a funky atmosphere! 

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