Sunday, June 15, 2014

Merengue Restaurant

We are Caribbean food enthusiast, Aida is, after all, from Puerto Rico. Therefore, every time we hear of a Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Cuban restaurant we can't help but give it a try! We have been hearing of Merengue Restaurant in Dochester for awhile now and last night we finally decided to give it a try.  

We were welcomed by a friendly host and led into the main dinning room which to our surprise featured live music. The decor is bright with lots of island flare, which is fitting given that Merengue specializes in Dominican cuisine. We ordered a couple of cocktails, sticking to the classics, a Cuba Libre for James and a Mojito for Aida. Merengue does not serve watered down drinks. Rum was the dominant flavor in both of these drinks. 

Cuba Libre

To start we ordered the small Picadera Merengue with fried cheese. This is a sampler platter of yuca sticks, fried plantains or tostones, and fried pork, beef, and chicken chunks. The meat was perfectly fried! It was not dried out, crispy, and flavorful! The fried cheese was addictive, the yuca sticks were light and fluffy, and the tostones were as good as any we've ever had! Everything was improved by being slightly dunked in the garlic mojo acompaning the dish. 

Picadera Merengue 
Picadera Merengue 

James decided to order the 8.oz Grilled Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri Sauce accompanied by white rice and coconut pigeon peas. On paper this dish sounds delicious, however it disappointed. The steak was chewy and lacked seasoning and the coconut pigeon peas were served lukewarm at best. This dish needs improvement. 

White Rice with Coconut Pigeon Peas 
8.oz Grilled Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Aida ordered the Chicharrón de Pollo with Mofongo. Chicharrón de Pollo are delicious fried breaded chicken chunks. Mofongo is smashed fried plantain with pork. The Mofongo was flavorful but the pork skin inside was soggy and unappetizing. The fried chicken was the star of this dish! It was well seasoned and deliciously crispy! 

Chicharrón de Pollo with Mofongo 

For dessert we ordered the vanilla Flan. This custardy dessert was delicious! The strawberries added a nice freshness to the dish. The Flan had an awesome silky texture and was not overly sweet. A great ending to our meal! 

Vanilla Flan 

Merengue Restaurant is great spot to grub on some traditional Dominican food. The service and atmosphere were both excellent. There is plenty of on street parking and it is just a short 10 minute drive from the Back Bay. We would recommend Merengue to people looking for good food and drinks at more than reasonable prices. 

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