Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Met Bar and Grill (Natick)

Last Saturday we decided to change our usual go-to place, P.F. Chang's, at the Natick Mall and give the Met Bar and Grill a try. After a marathon shopping day our wallet was running a little low so we decided to take a sneak pick at the menu before asking for a table. In the spirit of full disclosure, we had heard this restaurant had great burgers and even greater prices. To our surprise we found their menu prices to be right about average. 

We arrived at the restaurant at around 8:30pm and were seated right away. We attributed the emptiness of both the restaurant and mall to the eighty degree, sunny weather that day. Our waiter came over right away and to our delight agreed to leave the pitcher of water at the table...Aida drinks lots of water with her meals and most waiters never really agree to do this. Something as small as constant flow of water can make or break a meal for us, in this regard the Met Bar and Grill was exceptional! 

As our first appetizer we ordered the Short-Rib Tacos which are braised in cola and cocoa and served with charred onions and a spicy aioli. These tacos were delicious! Aida is normally not a huge fan of beef and she could not get enough of these! The short-rib was tender, the taco shell was crispy, and the sauce, when we choose to add it, did not overpower the dish. We found the portion to be a bit small, that would be the only negative about this dish.

Short-Rib Tacos

Next came the Met Bar and Grill's Nachorella Sticks which are filled with pepper jack cheese fried in a crispy tortilla breading and served with a trio of Mexican sauces. To put it simply, these are the best "mozzarella" stick we have ever had! They were gooey, crispy, and mildly spicy. The Nachorella Sticks are a modern interpretation of the classic jalapeƱo poppers. They are deliciously addictive, especially when dipped in the roasted salsa!

Nachorella Sticks and Trio of Mexican Sauces

Nachorella Sticks

Trio of Mexican Sauces: Chipotle Aioli, Guacamole, and Roasted Salsa 

The Met Bar and Grill is known for it's burgers. Therefore we just had to try them! James decided to order one of their more original burger creations. The Tokyo burger comes with topped with avocado, Muenster cheese, pickled onions, sticky soy, and diakon sprouts. James not a particularly a fan of this monster burger. He found it to be under-seasoned and packed with competing flavors. There was just too much stacked on top of the perfectly cooked medium patty. We upgraded to the Met Fries which are truffle fries with fried sage served with a side of truffle mayo. These fries were not the best, the overwhelming amount of truffle flavor completely overpowered our tastebuds. 

Tokyo Burger with a side of Met Fries

Aida decided to order another one of the Met Bar and Grill's International Burgers. The Paris burger is made up of a perfectly cooked medium beef patty, Brie cheese, a fried egg, caramelized onions, and truffle mayo. This burger was absolutely delicious! The flavors balanced each other perfectly. It is creamy, cheesy, and eggy...everything we would expect from a good burger! However, the brioche bun completely disintegrated under the gooey cheese and runny egg. Aida went to pick it up for the first bite and could not locate the bottom bun, it was completely soggy. This is definitely a knife and fork kinda burger. 

Paris Burger

For us the appetizers are the stars of the Met Bar and Grill, we will definitely come back just for the Nachorella Sticks! When shopping at the Natick Mall the Met Bar and Grill is a great spot for a meal. We would suggest you stick to their more traditional burgers and definitely order some apps! 

For more information on the Met Bar and Grill go to http://metbarandgrill.com

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