Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beech Tree Cantina (Hyannis, MA)

While at the Cape last weekend we decided to skip our usual Urbanspoon and Yelp searches for nearby restaurants and just follow the crowd. Our laid back, no research approach led us to the Beech Tree Cantina, located right on Hyannis' Main Street. It was our last night at the Cape and after two days of nothing but seafood we were craving something different. The Beech Tree Cantina delivered just that...its fresh Mexican cuisine was a great ending to our weekend trip! 

We were more than tempted by the margaritas coming out of the Beech Tree's bar and ended up ordering a guava frozen margarita. However, the flavor and color of the margarita reminded us more of passion fruit. The bartender got a little carried away with the ice and in turn we received a tower of frozen margarita, that we in no way could ever responsibly finish. Even with the excessive amount of ice this margarita tasted of pure tequila.

Guava Frozen Margarita 

As an appetizer we ordered the Guacamole. Made "table side" with fresh avocados and vegetables this humungous guacamole dish was delicious, especially when sprinkled with a bit of extra salt. Plan on sharing this appetizer, there is more than enough to share with friends! 


Next up came Beech Tree's Quesadilla, stuffed with jalapeƱo jack cheese, corn, roasted onions, peppers, and carne asada steak. The cheese was perfectly melted and the steak was cooked to an ideal medium. The vegetables could have been cut smaller for our taste. All in all, the flavors of this dish were excellent! 

Carne Asada Steak Quesadilla 

Last but not least we ordered one of Beech Tree's Cantinas Chicken Street Style Tacos. Our only complaint would be the price of this dish. $5.50 for a single, regular sized taco seemed a bit steep even when compared to the Boston prices we are used to. This was a straightforward taco; chicken, plenty of fresh vegetables, and a creme sauce. The chicken was juicy and well seasoned, making it a tasty taco! 

Chicken Street Style Taco 

Overall we really enjoyed our experience at the Beech Tree Cantina. The service was good, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was as laid back as you can get. This is fun place to have a few drinks and hang out with friends! 

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