Friday, July 25, 2014

Ginger Exchange - Symphony Location

Down the street from the Prudential Center, next to the Symphony MBTA stop sits Ginger Exchange. This cozy restaurant serves fresh Asian cuisine at more than affordable prices. The menu offers everything from Korean fried chicken to sushi to baos.  We tried to order a little off every side of the menu. 

To open we had the Avocado Salad with crab sticks, tobiko, and Japanese mayo. This salad was extremely refreshing, especially on a 90 degree summer day. The flavors were well balanced and avocado was perfectly ripe. A delicious start to our meal! 

Avocado Salad

Next came the addictive Korean Fried Chicken with a Thai BBQ sauce. This chicken is deliciously crispy, well seasoned, and very juicy! Our only regret was only getting the four pice order. This chicken is worth every single calorie! 

Korean Fried Chicken with a Thai BBQ Sauce 

To follow we ordered some of Ginger Exchange's Ina's Bao Baos which are three steamed buns filled with spicy pork. These baos were rather flavorful. The pork was not overly spicy and the bread was perfectly steamed. 

Ina's Bao Baos 

Last but not least we ordered the Crispy Pad Thai. These crispy egg noodles are tossed with bean sprouts, peanuts, eggs, scallions, basil, chicken, and shrimp. This dish was very tasty! We ordered a side of kimchee to add to the pad thai and the flavors were delicious together.

Crispy Pad Thai 

Ginger Exchange delivers tasty food, a laid back atmosphere, and great service! This is a great hang out spot if you live in the Back Bay and very affordable if you are a student at nearby Northeastern University. 

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