Friday, July 11, 2014

Wahlburgers (Hingham, MA)

On our way back to Boston from the Cape we decided to take a small detour and have lunch at Wahlburgers. This much talked about burger restaurant sits on Hingham's waterfront. We had been looking forward to their burgers for a while now. We are fans of the show and the family's many personalities. Upon arriving we were greeted by a friendly host who explained the restaurant's set up...window ordering to the right, full service to the left. We decided to sit in the patio area, which has a partial view of the ocean. 

We ordered a few burgers from the Wahlfaves portion of the menu and a few sides. Spoiler alert...the burgers come on their own...sides are extra. To begin, we had the BBQ Bacon Burger, topped with bacon, avocado, BBQ sauce, jalapeños, and white cheddar cheese. This burger had good, solid flavors. The BBQ sauce was delicious and the bacon was cooked to a perfect crisp. However, the burger was severely overcooked, we asked for a medium temperature and received a well done burger. It could have also benefited from a few extra pinches of salt. 

BBQ Bacon Burger 

 Next came Wahlburgers' O.F.D. or Original from Dorchester burger, which is topped with bacon, swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and a housemade tomato jam. This burger fell a bit flat in our eyes. Once again the burger was sinfully overcooked and lacked seasoning. There was nothing memorable about this burger. 

O.F.D. Burger 

Our favorite part of our meal were Wahlburgers' Sweet Potato Tots which, just like Wahlburgers' menu describes them, are "simply addictive." We could easily eat a whole bucket of them! These little tots are a delicious spin on the original potato version. Delicious! 

Sweet Potato Tots 

Our final dish was Alma's Macaroni Salad. According to the menu this salad contains red onion, sweet peppers, parsley, and a creamy mayo dressing. Nowhere on the menu description is celery mentioned. However, celery is all we could taste. We suspect celery salt is used in the dish and unfortunately we are not fans of its flavor. However, if you like the flavor of celery, you will enjoy this creamy, refreshing, just like mom used to make macaroni salad. 

Alma's Macaroni Salad

Wahlburgers delivers great service, an excellent family atmosphere, and a beautiful location. The burgers were not earth shattering good but they did deliver solid, classic flavors. The sides are the stars of the show...we recommend you not leave without trying their Sweet Potato Tots! 

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