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Besito Mexican - Burlington, MA

In the spirit of full transparency, we were hosted by Besito however we are writing this review as we would any other. No special considerations will be given. 

This past Saturday Besito Mexican invited us to dine at their newly opened Burlington location. Besito, which translates into little kiss in Spanish, focuses on authentic, fresh, and house made ingredients. The decor is bright and welcoming, something you would expect to find if dinning in Mexico. Our waiter was very knowledgeable of the menu and was able to make suggestions without hesitation. 

Even tough the decor and menu scream Mexico, the music does not. We travel to the Caribbean often and the music, which was mainly salsa and merengue, put us in a Caribbean state of of mind. Most would not be bothered by this, however this small detail had a significant effect on our meal. We were eating Mexican food but our minds were craving Caribbean cuisine, which is significantly different. 

Exterior of Besito at the Burlington Mall
Photo Credit: Besito Mexican 

Interior of Besito Mexican in Burlington
Photo Credit: Besito Mexican

Almost immediately after being seated our waiter brought us some chips and salsa. The salsa was delicious. It reminded us of a well made sofrito, which is the base for most latin cuisine. 

Chips and Salsa

 To start off, the manager brought out two of their Shrimp Tacos Dorados, which appear in the lunch menu. The shrimp in these crispy street style tacos topped with organic romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle cream salsa, and queso fresco were lightly breaded. The mild spiciness did not overpower the refreshing flavor of the shrimp. This was a well balanced dish and a great start to our meal! 

Shrimp Tacos Dorados

We took our waiter's suggestion and ordered the house "Besito Patron" Margarita, which is composed of Patron reposed, Cointreau, pomegranate-tangerine juice, and lime juice. This is a strong margarita, the Patron being the dominant flavor. Our only complaint would be rim, we missed the salt. If you like a strong yet refreshing drink, this margarita is for you! 

"Besito Patron" Margarita 

Besito is know for its Guacamole en Molcajete made tableside. Our waiter asked us at which level of spiciness we would like the guacamole and proceeded to quickly make it. Guacamole is guacamole. As far as this guacamole goes it was in desperate need of salt. However, the balance between creamy and chunky made up for that. The texture was very pleasant. Yet, if it were up to us, we would let the avocado be the star of the dish, there were way to many "fillers."

Guacamole en Molcajete 

For our final appetizer we strayed from the manager's suggestions and ordered what we consider to be one of the more original dishes on Besito's menu. The Panquesito de Jaiba, which is a crispy lump crab cake served with a roasted habanero cream sauce and topped with roasted corn salad and cilantro queso fresco was by far our favorite dish! This interpretation of the classic New England crab cake was packed full of crab flavor which balanced well with the creaminess of the avocado and the sweetness of the roasted corn. The Mexican flare injected into this dish both in its flavors and presentation make it a star! Delicioso! 

Panquesito de Jaiba

Next we had a traditional Mexican side. The Tamale de Elote which is a fresh corn tamale with chipotle chile cream, onion, cilantro, and queso fresco unfortunately fell apart. This side dish has solid flavors however Besito's textural interpretation was unexpected. This dish had an unfortunate corn pudding like texture which was not pleasing to the palate. 

Tamale de Elote

As our first entrée we had one of the manager's suggestions, the Pechuga de Pollo, which is a Yucatan spiced natural chicken breast served with green and yellow squash, a crispy rolled queso fresco taco, and pipian verde. The pipian verde, which is a pumpkin seed sauce, was the star of this dish! Frankly without it the chicken would have been practically inedible. The outside of the chicken was cooked to char and was incredibly hard to cut through. The inside was not much better, it was very dry. The taco was delicious and added a nice crunchy element to the dish. 

Pechuga de Pollo

As our second entrée we ordered the Tacos al Pastor which are composed of pineapple and guajillo marinated pork, grilled pineapple salsa, avocado salsa verde, and chile de arbol salsa. The pork was a bit dry yet the char on the outside worked with the sweetness and moisture of the pineapple salsa. This dish achieves the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The generous portion is perfect for sharing. 

Tacos al Pastor

 The first dessert we tried was a Tres Leches. Besito serves this vanilla sponge cake marinated in a citrus three milk sauce topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. This was by far our least favorite dish of the meal. We are fans of the Tres Leches and this one was one of the worst we've had. There were no hints of any citrus. The "three milk" sauce tasted like pure canned evaporated milk and lacked the sweetness you would expect of a good Tres Leches sauce. The cake in the center was dense and none of the marinade was allowed to sip through. We are dessert people, yet we almost wish the manager would not have surprised us with this dessert. 

Tres Leches 

Last but not least we had the Pudin the Chocolate. This Mexican chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream and fried tortillas is perfect for chocoholics! It is thick, creamy, and luxurious. The addictive qualities of this dessert made it the perfect ending to our meal! 

Pudin de Chocolate 

Besito Mexican located in the Burlington Mall, with another location coming soon to the Chestnut Hill area, is a great place for large groups of people looking for good drinks, good service, and decent food. We would like to thank Besito Mexican for its hospitality and its passion for Mexican cuisine.

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