Monday, August 11, 2014

Union Square Donuts

We have been hearing of Union Square Donuts for a while now. We follow them on Twitter and every time they post a new photo our mouths water. A few days ago we were heading over to the Somerville area to fix an issue with our cable company and decided to take advantage of our location. We finally paid Union Square Donuts an official visit, we had their donuts at SoWa Open Market last year. 

Union Square Donut's Shop Display Case

Union Square Donuts

We tried four of their huge, delightfully airy, fluffy donuts!

  • The Creamsicle Donut (top right) was full of orange flavor, thanks to the visible orange zest in the glaze.
  • The Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel (bottom right) had a very mild flavor, however the bourbon definitely came trough the specks of salt. 
  • The Chocolate Marble (top left) was extremely rich topped with dark chocolate and still hot from the frier! Yum! We usually prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate and therefore this donut left us craving just a hint of sugar. If you are a dark chocolate person you will love this donut! 
  • The Maple Bacon (bottom left) was our favorite donut of the day! The bacon was perfectly crunchy and added a nice hint of salt against the sweet maple glaze. This is an indulgent, delicious, creative, addictive donut! 

Union Square Donuts delivers delicious donuts! The price tag of about $3 per donut is justifiable given the humungous size of their product. We are Union Square Donuts fans and will definitely be coming back! 

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  1. Part of me is sad that I can't reach Union Square Donuts because of their location, inaccessible without a car. The other part of me is relieved because I'd weight about 300 lbs. if I could get there.

    1. We agree, eating their donuts is not part of our weight loss plan! Maybe it's a good thing we live about 45 min away!