Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vejigantes - Revisited

Nestled in Boston's South End Vejigantes serves traditional Puerto Rican food at its best. Everything from the restaurant's decor to the music playing over the speakers reminds of the Caribbean island. This is our second time visiting Vejigantes and we were once again delighted with the flavor of their food. 

To start we ordered the Tostones con Salmorejo de Jueyes or fried green plantains topped with crab meat stew. This dish could have benefited from an extra pinch of salt. Apart from that, the flavor was great! The crab was soaked in the tomato based sauce and had a chicken like consistency. 

Tostones con Salmorejo de Jueyes

Tostones con Salmorejo de Jueyes

Next came the Bacalaitos or cod fish fritters. These traditional fritters were a bit greasy but the flavor definitely compensated for that! They were not overly fishy and very crunchy!


James decided to order one of the more original dishes on the menu, unfortunately we do not remember the exact name of this dish and it is not listed on Vejigantes' online menu. The dish consisted of chorizo stuffed inside chicken breast with a creole sauce. This dish was not very memorable. Its flavors were improved with a bit of Vejigantes' house hot sauce and salt.

Aida stuck to the classics and ordered the Mofongo Tradicional de Plátano or Traditional Fried Plantains with pork. This dish is served with a delicious side of chicken broth. Vejigantes makes a great mofongo! This savory dish is taken over-the-top with crunchy bits of pork skin mixed inside. Delicious! 

Mofongo Tradicional de Plátano 

Last but not least we ordered the Cheese Flan. Its texture was firmer than other flans we've had in the past. However it had a great, mildly cheesy flavor! A good ending to our meal! 

Cheese Flan

We are lucky to have Vejigantes in Boston. They serve solid Puerto Rican food in a fun atmosphere. This is a great place in Boston's South End! 

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