Sunday, September 21, 2014

La Galleria 33

Tonight we made the unfortunate decision of dinning at La Galleria 33 located in Boston's North End.  Usually, when we dine at a restaurant our experience ends when we walk out the door. La Galleria 33 decided to extend our visit by calling us at 10:25pm to argue with us about a minor is the full story...

We made a reservation at La Galleria 33 for 7:30pm through OpenTable and were very impressed when one of the owners, who was serving as the hostess, agreed to seat us early. We had been walking around Boston all day and were starving so we arrived at around 7:05pm. Our waiter came over quickly and took our drink order, two Sprites. We are not wine drinkers and therefore decided to stick to soda. 

Throughout the course of our meal we ordered 3 refills on our sodas. We were never told that we were being charged for each and every refill. At the end of our meal when our check arrived we were surprised to see the $10 charge for 5 sodas. Therefore, we spoke to our waiter who proceeded to tell us that, that was a standard restaurant practice. We decided not to argue, we did not call the manager or speak to anyone else, payed the check, and walked out.

Our check at La Galleria 33

 About 2 hours later, at 10:25pm, we received a phone call from the restaurant, from someone allegedly named Rita, arguing about our complaint. After loudly telling us that we were wrong and that she did not understand the nature of our complaint the woman on the phone called us "a pair of cunts" and hung up. Before hanging up she challenged us to find one restaurant in the North End who did not charge for soda refills...we called around and found 3 restaurants located just a few blocks away from La Galleria 33 who readily told us "no, we do not charge for soda refills."

5 beer glasses in which our sodas were served at La Galleria 33

We were feeling very insulted and called the restaurant back to tell the woman of our findings. She proceeded to yell some more. We hung up. She called us about 3 more times. We did not pick up. On the phone she said she would call and complain about us. We would like to make one thing clear, we are in NO WAY affiliated with Boston Food and Love is an independent blog simply used to practice our right, as Americans, to freedom of speech. We ask that the owners and/or staff of La Galleria 33 not contact us again. 

Now we would like to leave La Galleria 33's childish, disrespectful, insulting behavior behind and speak about what really matters...their food.

To start our meal we received a basket of bread. The bread was deliciously fresh, perfect for soaking up traditional Italian sauces. Along with the bread came a tasteless hummus like spread. We decided to have more of the bread with our meal but passed on its oily accompaniment.

Bread Basket with Hummus Like Spread 

As our first appetizer we had La Galleria 33's Crispy Calamari topped with a lemon aioli and Italian parsley. The lemon aioli was the star of this dish! Its assertive citrous flavor balanced perfectly against the slightly chewy fried calamari pieces. 

Crispy Calamari

Our second appetizer at La Galleria 33 were the Arancini. These rice fritters were made well. The tomato sauce accompanying this dish was the best bite we had all night. The sauce was light and fresh. We added a bit of salt to the Arancini, which improved their flavor. 


Our first entree was the Veal Piemontese which consists of breaded veal stuffed with prosciutto, fontina cheese, and spinach topped with a mushroom sauce. This dish had an unpleasant burnt aftertaste. The mushroom sauce was lacking in mushrooms and the fontina cheese was almost undetectable. The ziti pasta that accompanied this dish was mediocre at best. Overall, this was a flavorless dish. 

Veal Piemontese

Ziti accompanying the Veal Piemontese 

Last but not least, at the suggestion of our waiter, we had La Galleria 33's Baked Gnocchi with smoked mozzarella cheese. The gnocchi were severely overcooked. They stuck to the roof of our mouths as we ate them, they were very gummy. The tomato sauce could have benefited from a few pinches of salt. As a whole, this dish was a disappointment. 

Baked Gnocchi 

We suggest having a few glasses of wine when dinning at La Galleria 33, maybe then your palate will be able to ignore their lackluster food. Needless to say we would not recommend dining at La Galleria 33.

UPDATE: At around noon on September 21st we received two other phone calls from Rita at La Galleria 33. She saw our latest Twitter post of homemade blueberry muffins and called to say "unsweetened apple sauce you fat bitch after you had 5 sodas last night." We have blocked La Galleria 33 from all of our social media cites and would like to ask its owners and/or staff to please stop harassing us. 

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  1. My spouse and I have eaten out at restaurants all over the USA and much of the rest of the world as well, being on expense account for nearly 25 years has certain privileges. Although we are most certainly wine drinkers, some nights we keep it light and order a soft drink. Given that these generally consist of a tablespoon of soda with a glass full of ice, we order constant refills. I've NEVER heard of anyone charging for refills of a fountain drink. Cans, yes certainly. But not fountain drinks.

    The rest of the review aligns closely with what I've come to expect from restaurants in a 'certain class' in the North End. There are dozens of places like this, serving lackluster food to hungry tourists. Even as city residents, we occasionally get duped, mostly by persuading ourselves that we should really try someplace new, break out of our rut. But we regret it almost every time.

  2. We certainly agree. Sometimes it is better to repeat the familiar than to try something new. As always, thank you for reading our blog!