Saturday, October 11, 2014

DoorDash Food Delivery

A few weeks ago a new food delivery company in Boston called DoorDash sent us a gift card and asked us to try their service. We decided to give DoorDash a try given that they deliver food from some of our favorite restaurants like the Chili Duck and Vejigantes, which do not deliver to our area. DoorDash does not make food they simply pick it up and deliver it. 

We were impressed with DoorDash's punctuality. We ordered from the Chili Duck at around 7:00pm on a Tuesday and our order arrived three minutes before their estimated arrival time of 7:55pm. Our food was delivered by a uniformed driver in a DoorDash bag. DoorDash does charge a standard $7.00 delivery fee which we found to be a bit steep. 

DoorDash is offering our readers a free delivery when they use the code BosFoodLoveDD, which will be valid for the next few weeks. Go to to redeem the code. We will in no way profit from our readers using this code. 

We would prefer to eat directly at the restaurant. However, on a rainy day we could see ourselves giving DoorDash another try. 

For more information on DoorDash visit

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