Sunday, June 21, 2015

Banh Mi Ba-Le

We love visiting off the beaten path, easy to miss, local places. Banh Mi Ba-Le inside of Quincy's Kam Man Supermarket is one of those places. Banh Mi Ba-Le serves the traditional banh mi sandwich packed full of fresh vegetables, a spicy mayonnaise based sauce, and protein. We went with the classics, beef and pork. Both sandwiches were delicious! Fresh, meaty, and packed full of flavor! 

To be honest, we do not speak Vietnamese and the cook was hard to understand, therefore we just nodded our heads and answered yes to all of her questions. The lady knows what she is doing! We are not quite sure what she added to our sandwhich but it was delicious! Not to mention, we both had lunch for $10! Awesome food, a knowledgeable staff, and ridiculously cheap can't beat that! 

Counter (there are no tables or chairs) 

Beef Banh Mi 
Pork Banh Mi 

This is a great place to score a cheap lunch. However, if you have an allergy to raw eggs we suggest you skip their sandwich sauce. 

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